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The November 8 Election…


Everyone is feeling the pain. Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine and the effects of the coronavirus pandemic have caused prices to skyrocket around the world – not just here in the United States or in Wisconsin.

But the Democrats are doing something about it. President Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats have taken action to reduce gas prices and drug costs. President Biden ordered the release of huge volumes of oil from our nation’s reserves, which has helped lower prices at the gasoline pump.

Democrats in Congress passed the Inflation Reduction Act, extending Affordable Care Act subsidies and giving the government new power to negotiate lower drug prices. Not a single Republican voted to support these cost reduction measures.

The Inflation Reduction Act will protect millions of Americans from an anticipated Medicaid insurance premium hike at the end of the year, and it will cap Medicare Part-D out-of-pocket costs. It also caps the cost of insulin at $35 a month and penalizes drug companies that increase prices greater than the rate of inflation.

And, under President Biden unemployment is at a near all-time low and many area jobs are available.


Weekly News From Your Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair

This was always going to be the GOP’s playbook: demonize, distract, and divide—so they can dodge Ron Johnson’s toxic record of betraying Wisconsin’s working families in order to benefit himself and his wealthy donors.  

Wisconsinites in every corner of the state, no matter our background, want a state where all are safe and everyone has the opportunity to thrive. For Ron Johnson, though, the priority is to shovel public money to his mega-donors (with a helping for himself), while siding with special interests instead of the public on everything from prescription drug prices (he likes them high) to outsourcing (he’s in favor) to Social Security (he wants to put it on the chopping block).  

That record, and that platform, are indefensible. So what is he trying to do? Flood the airways with lies about Mandela Barnes. Calling him “different,” and “dangerous.” Darkening the color of his skin in the photos in their mailers.  

We all know exactly what’s happening here.  

And we know how to fight back: by making clear why they’re doing this, which is to divert the public’s attention so that Ron Johnson can push policies that hurt all of us, no matter where we live or the color of our skin.  

Mandela’s new ad not only points out the GOP’s lie—it also points out what he’s for. Have you seen the ad? Have you shared it?  

Here’s what Lt. Gov Barnes says in that ad:  

"Look, we knew the other side would make up lies about me to scare you. Now they're claiming I want to defund the police and abolish ICE. That's a lie. I'll make sure our police have the resources and training they need to keep our community safe and that our communities have the resources to stop crime before it happens. I'll bring back manufacturing, and I'll pass a middle-class tax cut. And if that's too scary for Washington, then so be it. I’m Mandela Barnes, and I approve this message." 

This is one part of the fight back. People need to know what Mandela’s for, who he really is—and they need to know what Ron Johnson’s all about. And that’s where all of us come in. It’s everyone’s job to fight the fight.  

We know that when people hear the truth about Mandela Barnes and the truth about Ron Johnson, we win.  

New ads sticking it to Johnson on gun safety, abortion freedoms, and Johnson’s record of enriching himself will be on the air more and more in the days and weeks to come. Groups like  EveryTown for Gun Safety and End Citizens United are jumping into the fray. And in every corner of our state, it’s up to all of us to get the message out at every opportunity and through every available means.  

Mandela Barnes has spent his life working to make things better for all of us. It’s up to all of us to have his back.  

No matter how gruesome, vicious, and dishonest the GOP’s attack machine gets, no matter how wild the ride becomes on what some call the “poller coaster,” our job is the same—to stay grounded in our values and do the work. 

We knew that the GOP would try to run their character-assassination playbook. But don’t let anybody tell you they know what the outcome will be. Over the last two decades, we’ve had blue landslides and red landslides—and more often than either of those things, we’ve had nail-biters. This could be incredibly close, or not. It could involve wild twists in the final moments—or not.  

It could be the kind of Wisconsin photo-finish election where a single volunteer pouring themselves into action, day after day for the final 46 days in the election, tips the whole state. That volunteer could be you. 

We can be disappointed in the depths to which Republicans have sunk, but we aren’t surprised. This is always who they’ve been. Our job—in the Senate race, in the Governor’s race, in the House races, the AG and other statewide races, the state legislative contests, all the campaigns up and down the ballot—is to stay focused on doing the things we can control, the things we know make a difference. Talking to voters, and listening to them. Leading with our values. Fighting lies with truth. 

They have their playbook. We have ours. Let’s leave it all on the field.

 In solidarity,  










Yesterday, UpNorthNews detailed Ron Johnson’s Judges, a selection of the judicial appointments approved by Johnson who have records of hostility toward women, minorities, and LGBTQ+ rights. 

Johnson’s Judges include Howard Nielson, an attorney who tried to end same-sex marriage in California but gave a bishop a lenient sentence for possessing child pornography, and Wendy Vitter, who would not give a direct answer on whether she thought Brown v. Board of Education, the Supreme Court decision ending segregation in schools, was correctly decided.

Johnson took credit for confirming the conservative justices who overturned Roe v. Wade and called the Dobbs decision that rolled back reproductive freedoms the “correct decision.” Yet, in recent weeks, Johnson has taken to hiding from his long record of supporting national abortion bans. Wisconsinites deserve answers: will Johnson claim his judges’ extreme views, or will he continue to hide from the radical judges he voted to confirm?


Unserious About Public Safety: Eric Toney Misses The Mark in Milwaukee


This week, Republican candidate for attorney general Eric Toney attempted to score cheap political points by criticizing Milwaukee’s public safety budget without proposing any substantive solutions. Toney was left floundering after Mayor Johnson called him–and the Republican-controlled legislature–out for failing to financially support the state’s largest city despite years of requests. 

Meanwhile, Attorney General Kaul is investing in public safety. Together with Governor Evers, AG Kaul announced a $45 million investment in violence prevention efforts and victims services to make our communities safer. AG Kaul and Gov. Evers are working around the clock to combat the rising crime rate made worse by COVID and the inaction of Republicans in the legislature.


Dave Estenson Disqualified: Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct, Abuse Of Power Emerge About GOP State Senate Candidate


New reporting this week revealed Republican state Senate candidate Dave Estenson was the subject of a Wisconsin Department of Justice investigation over allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse of power while he was working as a police officer for the City of Osseo and Village of Strum. The allegations against Estenson include alleged coercion of women for sexual favors and sexual assault. 

The revelations of Estenson’s sexual misconduct and abuse of power follow a pattern of similar allegations against other Republican candidates. Congressional candidate Derrick Van Orden – a self-described is “great friend” of Estenson – bragged about sexually harassing junior female officers during his military service, and Republican candidate for governor Tim Michels came under fire this week following reports of sexual harassment and racial discrimination at Michels Corporation that occurred under his watch. 

These disturbing revelations make it clear that Dave Estenson and the other Republicans accused of similar misconduct are unfit to represent our state.


Democrats Are Working For Wisconsin


This week, Democrats up and down the ballot were hard at work for Wisconsin. Take a look below at some of the highlights of their busy week!

  • On Tuesday, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel profiled Aaron Richardson, the Democratic nominee for state treasurer, highlighting how Mayor Richardson will use the treasurer’s office to improve financial literacy in Wisconsin and invest in clean energy.
  • Rep. Lee Snodgrass celebrated Gov. Evers’ investments in EMS providers throughout Wisconsin and highlighted grant recipients in her own Assembly District 57. Gov. Evers and Democrats are committed to providing our first responders with the resources they need.
  • Democrats are committed to protecting reproductive freedom in our state. Reps. Robyn Vining and Francesca Hong, and Sen. Kelda Roys were among Democratic leaders who stood with Gov. Evers on Wednesday to support his call for a special session to create a pathway to restoring abortion access in Wisconsin.
  • Sen. Brad Pfaff promised he would vote to repeal Wisconsin’s 1849 abortion ban in the Legislature and enshrine Roe v. Wade into federal law when he gets to Congress. Check out Brad’s other campaign priorities, too.
  • Kristin Alfheim has been hard at work to flip Senate District 19 in Appleton, Menasha, and Neenah. Kristin is dedicated to putting people first, ensuring her district has affordable health care, quality education, and a fair voice in the State Senate. Lend her campaign a hand!
  • Attorney General Josh Kaul celebrated the two-year anniversary of the Speak Up, Speak Out school safety tip line, which has helped more than 400 Wisconsin schools respond to safety concerns since 2020. The Speak Up, Speak Out tip line reflects AG Kaul’s deep commitment to public safety.