Iron County Progressive

President Biden is echoing our warning about MAGA state Republicans parroting Trump’s election lies 

He’s 100% right. Did you know that over 700 Republican state legislators and candidates played a role in Donald Trump’s ongoing attack on our democracy? Some were in DC on January 6th, others supported the Big Lie – all while advancing anti-democratic legislation and sowing the seeds of doubt into our democracy. 

With more than a dozen insurrection enablers representing swing districts, we’re stepping up to flip seats like these from red to blue. 

President Biden’s warning is more urgent now than ever – a CNN report warned that Trump is gearing up to endorse and elect “officials at local, state and national levels.” And it’s shaping up to be true – dozens of his endorsed candidates won their primaries in critical states like Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. Our state Democrats could be under siege by Trump Republicans during this year’s midterm elections!