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Polarisation* and Conflict – How Things Fall Apart

The Economist, the world’s leading news magazine, in reviewing a new book just out, “How Civil Wars Start” contained some of the following excerpts:

“It is hard to overstate the danger Donald Trump poses to America and the world, but Barbara Walter (author of the book) manages it. Mr* Trump scorns democratic norms, stirs up racial division, propagates the big lie that he won re-election in 2020, encouraged a coup attempt on January 6th 2021 – and might win the presidency again in 2024. Ms* Walter…rightly decries these sins.

“Political leaders who stir up fear of another group to win support from their own are often especially dangerous.

“The most effective grievance-mongers are creative liars.

“The most disgruntled members of the aggrieved group may take up arms. At first they are typically too small in number to pose a serious threat – but social media can accelerate the descent into bloodshed.

“The country is polarized, and cynical race-baiting politicians have made matters worse. The most egregious culprits are on the right…

“America has small but well-armed militia groups who talk of violent revolution and occasionally kill people. If Mr Trump were to return to office, moreover, he would surely degrade American democracy further. Arguably the most important thing President Joe Biden and the Democrats can do for their country is to keep hold of the White House.”

*This is how the British-based publication spells “polarization,” and it does not put periods after Mr and Ms.