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 “Why I’m Endorsing Kelly Westlund,” State Senator Janet Bewley

Ever since I announced my retirement I knew I needed to find someone who would leave the district better than they found it. Someone who has energy, compassion, and fight to make our community stronger than ever.

That person is Kelly Westlund.

Kelly Westlund has the experience, the wisdom, and the heart to represent the north. She's a tireless worker who understands the issues facing our families and businesses. 

This is the most important election Wisconsin has ever faced, and that is why I am endorsing Kelly Westlund for the 25th Senate District.

 This summer is a crucial time for getting all of our candidates the help they need so they can win this November.

And let me be clear, they need to win.

We’re just one seat away from a Republican supermajority in the Wisconsin State Senate. 

That means if we lose just one seat, the Governor’s veto can be overridden by Senate Republicans, even once he wins re-election later this year. 

We cannot let this happen. 

By supporting Kelly Westlund’s campaign, you are joining thousands of grassroots supporters statewide who want progressive leadership for the Northwoods.

We’re so grateful you’re in this fight alongside us.

Senator Janet Bewley