Iron County Progressive


Trump’s Threat to Our Democracy

Last night’s primetime Jan 6th hearing just revealed some shocking new information about Trump’s actions (or lack thereof) on that day:

  • Trump was told about the riot within 15 minutes of returning to the Oval Office – but he didn’t call law enforcement or military officials. Instead, he tried to persuade senators to delay the certification vote.
  • While he watched his mob storm the Capitol, he tweeted out an attack on Mike Pence – putting a target on the back of his Vice President and encouraging the mob.
  • He ignored the pleas of multiple advisors – and even his own children – to condemn the violence and tell his mob to back down.

Trump’s cronies take orders directly from him – and this November, more than 400 insurrectionist enablers could be on the state legislative ballot. Trump knows that if his state Republican allies win in November, he can count on them to bend the rules in his favor ahead of his all-but-confirmed presidential run. So it’s critical we do everything we can to stand up against Trumpism this fall.



Trump’s failures on that day endangered our democracy – and his actions since have proven he has no regrets, and he would do it all over again to be back in power.

Trump didn’t draw the line at lying, violence, or manipulation. So it stands to reason that he’ll be just as ruthless in his attempts to build power in state legislatures ahead of his next presidential run. So we need to be ready.

We can’t let Trump’s state Republican allies gain any more momentum, Richard – the fate of our democracy rests on defeating them. It’s essential that we mobilize now to give state Democrats the resources they need to secure victories in this year’s midterm elections.