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 Wisconsin Parents Build Back Better Thanks to Child Tax Credit, No Thanks to WI Republicans 

MADISON, Wis. — Today, thanks to President Biden’s American Rescue Plan, parents across Wisconsin are seeing another round of payments from the expanded Child Tax Credit. These payments were funded by the American Rescue Plan, which provided additional relief of up to $1,600 per child to the families of nearly 1.2 million children in Wisconsin. The expanded payments are also expected to lift 46,000 Wisconsin children out of poverty. This expanded middle-class tax cut echoes Gov. Evers’ commitment to cutting taxes for families across the state — earlier this year he signed a $450 million small business tax cut and provided more than $2 billion in individual income tax relief for middle-class Wisconsinites. Since taking office, Gov. Evers has cut middle-class taxes by a cumulative 15 percent.

“This expanded middle-class tax cut is President Biden delivering on his promise to build back better,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin interim Executive Director Devin Remiker. “Whether parents are using these payments to put food on the table or pay for child care, we know that all families are better off thanks to President Biden and Democrats in Congress. Republicans, who stood in unified opposition to the American Rescue Plan, should be ashamed for taking a partisan stance in the fight against child poverty.”

Here’s what parents across the state are saying about President Biden’s middle-class tax cut:

UpNorthNews: GOP States Are Getting a Big Chunk of Biden’s Popular Child Tax Credit — Wisconsin Also Above Average

  • “As a new round of monthly child tax credit payments goes to around 35 million American families, a Reuters analysis found Wisconsin is among the states where households are receiving higher-than-average benefits from the expanded credit which was also converted into monthly checks by President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan. A Reuters/Ipsos poll also found the expanded credit and payments enjoy broad public support.”

WisBusiness: Main Street Alliance: Wisconsin small biz supports enhanced child tax credit

  • “Corrine Hendrickson, owner of Corrine’s Little Explorers in New Glarus, shared how the enhanced child tax credit is helping: ‘As a parent the expanded child care tax credit has helped me keep my growing teenage boys clothed, fed, and sheltered. My friends with younger children have commented that it is helping offset child care costs allowing them to keep working since they now aren’t using their entire paycheck.’” 


  • “Macy Buhler, owner of Yahara River Learning Center in DeForest also comments: ‘It is helping parents afford extra costs related to the pandemic…it has been a lifeline.’”

PBS Wisconsin: What an Expanded Child Tax Credit Means for Two Madison Mothers

  • “Despite the financial pressures these work struggles placed on her family, she considered herself ‘blessed’ for still having a job when so many others lost theirs. But for Campbell, even a couple extra hundred dollars every month would have made a big difference.”


  • “‘It would be amazing,’ she said. ‘Bills would be on time, I wouldn’t have to figure out, am I going to pay for the kids to be able to go to school with the internet? Or should I worry about the food?’”

 FACT SHEET: Biden Administration’s NEW Plan to Combat PFAS

MADISON, Wis. — Today, the Biden-Harris administration outlined an accelerated nationwide plan to combat per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), which have been a persistent issue facing Wisconsin communities. While Wisconsin’s Republican-led legislature rejected statewide funding proposals designed to target the toxic chemicals, ridding Wisconsin’s waters of PFAS has been a priority of President Biden, Gov. Evers, and Wisconsin Democrats.

President Biden and EPA Administrator Michael Regan’s partnership with Gov. Evers will address the systemic water-waste challenges that plague Wisconsin. The EPA’s newest program, titled PFAS Roadmap, outlines three concrete steps that the federal government will take to eradicate PFAS including — holding polluters accountable, ensuring science-based decision-making, and addressing the impacts on disadvantaged communities.

“Every single Wisconsinite should have access to clean drinking water. Today’s announcement is just another example of President Biden and Democrats delivering for Wisconsin’s families where Wisconsin Republicans have refused to take action,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Interim Executive Director Devin Remiker. “Despite PFAS posing significant risks to the health of our state, Republicans in our state legislature put politics over people and tried to flush away clean-water funding from Gov. Evers’ state budget. Thankfully, we elected President Biden, who understands that the safety of Wisconsin’s residents must be our number one priority. By addressing these legacy chemicals, President Biden is cementing his legacy as a pro-Wisconsin president.” 

 The PFAS Roadmap will work to:

  • Create a new national testing strategy, while continuing to update and expand previous assessments, focusing on toxicity and environmental detection;
  • Develop and deploy analytical methods to prevent and address contamination of PFAS in meat and poultry;
  • Conduct the first-ever inventory of PFAS use and releases from federal facilities;
  • Identify and quantify the risks of PFAS to first responders; 
  • Review the rapidly evolving science on human health and PFAS; and
  • Form the new Interagency Policy Committee on PFAS to help coordinate new policy strategies, remediation, and removal of PFAS in communities across the country.

Paired with the Build Back Better Act and Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, the Biden administration will invest in clean-water infrastructure, including providing bottled water to Wisconsin’s most impacted communities — like Peshtigo, Marinette, Madison, Rhinelander, and the Town of Campbell — as well as providing local municipalities the resources needed to remove the chemicals from their utility service systems. 


Weekly News From Your Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair 

Dear fellow Wisconsin Democrats,  

Let’s not kid ourselves: 2022 is going to be tough. 

At one level, it shouldn’t be a hard year for Democrats. Our governor is doing a terrific job, and people fundamentally like and trust him. Ditto for our president. Democrats are delivering, and we’re in the final stages of negotiation on the Build Back Better plan to deliver yet more. And Republicans are in total disarray, endlessly relitigating the their 2020 loss and trying to scaremonger with divisive attacks on COVID protections and honesty in education. Republicans are offering no vision for the future, and Democrats are walking the walk on what they ran on. What’s more, our party is in stronger shape than ever before in an off year. Those elements should all be a recipe for success. 


The single most stark lesson of American political history over the last century is that midterm elections spell trouble for the president’s party.  

In almost every midterm election, the party that just won the presidency has taken it on the chin. Twelve out of the last fourteen new presidents have seen their parties lose ground two years after reaching the White House. The only exceptions in recent memory were 1934, in the depths of the Depression, and 2002, after 9/11. There are several theories for why this is, but the leading one is simple: whoever lost the presidency has the urgent sense that the things they care about are endangered. But the party that wins the presidency becomes more complacent.  

It’s easy to understand the emotional logic of this by thinking about the 2018 election cycle, when we watched Trump threaten the foundations of our democracy. We absolutely had to turn out and put a check on his power.  

Now look at polls of Republicans: in huge numbers, they now falsely think that the last election was stolen. They believe that the Republic is in danger. In other words, they feel a little bit like we did in 2018. We have to expect them to be enormously mobilized at every level—and plan for them to surge in turnout in 2022.  

How do we counter this? Organize, organize, organize.  

Organize and communicate, at every turn.  

Governor Evers ought to win, based on his record and values. Ron Johnson deserves to lose. But those things will only happen if we organize and communicate so effectively that we overcome the momentum of history, in which the pendulum reliably swings against the president’s party. That’s why we’re investing and organizing so intensively right now, more than a year from the election—and why we’ll just be ramping up, and up, and up. So much is on the line. This fight will be tough. But there’s no group of people I would rather put my fate in than the members and activists and organizers of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. You can do this. We can do this. We’re going to do this—together.  

In solidarity, 



Wisconsinites Call Out Ron Johnson For Abandoning Them

This week, Chair Wikler joined Wisconsinites gathered at Ron Johnson’s Madison office—which happens to be located on Wall Street, perhaps in a subtle nod to Johnson’s priorities—to slam Wisconsin’s senior senator for his self-serving actions in office. Johnson has opposed the Build Back Better agenda at every step, standing against middle-class tax cuts, lower health care costs, critical pandemic relief, and federal investments in Wisconsin’s infrastructure. Despite his staunch opposition to delivering for Wisconsin’s working families, Johnson has never had a problem serving himself -- including rigging the tax system to benefit his bottom line and his biggest donors. 

:Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler: “Democrats are proposing help for parents, they’re proposing help for seniors, they’re proposing help for working families and adults. And Ron Johnson is saying no, no, no, no. The only things Ron Johnson ever says yes to are things that line his own pockets and the pockets of his wealthiest donors. This is not the kind of representation that Wisconsin needs or deserves.”

Health Care Worker and Mother of Two, Erica Throneburg:  “At every turn, as Ron Johnson has failed to represent the best interests of parents, children, and local businesses, he has proven to voters that he isn’t working for Wisconsin. And it’s clear that Senator Johnson will not support legislation that is actually good for families like mine.”

USA Today-Wisconsin Editorial Board Demands Gableman Resign, End Sham Investigation

As conspiracy theorist Michael Gableman’s election review boondoggle continues to go off the rails, the USA Today Network-Wisconsin Editorial Board slammed him and the Wisconsin GOP for “flushing taxpayer dollars down the drain” to further Donald Trump’s “Big Lie” about an election that was proven to be secure nearly a year ago. 

This comes on the heels of Gableman admitting he doesn’t know how elections work, hasn’t voted in seven recent elections, and compared reporting to Nazi propaganda. 

The editorial board said, “Republicans should be embarrassed that public money is being used to lend legitimacy to a lie whose premise is at odds with both common sense and the Constitution.” 

Despite a recount, a report from Donald Trump’s Department of Homeland Security, and countless rulings by courts in Wisconsin proving the 2020 Wisconsin election was secure, Republicans are still running a bogus election review, all while wasting nearly $700,000 in taxpayers funds. If nothing else, Gableman’s ignorance surrounding elections, wildly offensive analogies to Nazism, inability to even write an email or send a subpoena without a typo, demonstrate how unfit he is to investigate a serious topic, discrediting any legitimacy to their election review. 

Rep. Sara Rodriguez and Health Care Professionals Condemn Kleefisch’s Failure on COVID-19

Earlier this week, state Rep. Sara Rodriguez, President of SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin Pat Raes, and health care professionals from the Service Employees International Union hit back against Rebecca Kleefisch’s failure to provide a plan for combating the COVID-19 pandemic - the number one crisis facing the state and the country.  

Kleefisch has been radical and reckless with the pandemic since last year - she’s supported bogus treatments for COVID-19, attended and promoted potential super spreader events, and spoke to anti-vaccine groups. The Democratic Party of Wisconsin launched a TV advertisement against Kleefisch’s radical record on COVID-19 last week..

State Rep. Sara Rodriguez: “Too many Republicans put politics before lives and livelihoods. Republicans in the state legislature have undermined Governor Evers’ every effort to implement common sense solutions to the pandemic. We’ve lost too many Wisconsinites and too much time - we can’t afford a governor who doesn’t take the pandemic seriously.” 

Pat Raes, Registered Nurse at Meriter Hospital and President of SEIU Healthcare Wisconsin: “Please Ms. Kleefisch, on behalf of all frontline nurses and the families who have lost loved ones -- stop promoting misinformation, stop pandering to anti-vaccine groups, and stop holding events all over our state without public health precautions, because you're putting Wisconsinites' lives at risk.” 

Amanda Klinge, Registered Nurse at UW Health: “As nurses, we need to know we’re protected, supported and heard by our officials. Governor Evers has steadfastly listened to us and provided that support, while Kleefisch has ignored nurses, our families, and our patients every step of the way.” 

Tammy Schutz, Resident Assistant at Oakwood: “This is deeply personal for me, because Kleefisch’s immoral actions are disrespectful, putting me, my coworkers and my residents at risk. She is a threat to the health and future of our state, and cannot be allowed to become governor.”

Paid for by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Ben Wikler, Chair 

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