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Dear friends across Wisconsin,


Big polling news.


This week, the gold-standard poll in Wisconsin, run by the Marquette University Law School, came out with its latest data—showing that Governor Evers is popular, and Ron Johnson is not.


Specifically, Governor Evers has 50% job approval vs 43% disapproval—meaning, in the lingo of political polling, his net favorability is +7%. That’s a terrific position in a state as closely divided as Wisconsin. 

Meanwhile, Ron Johnson is viewed favorably by 35% of those polled, and unfavorably by 43%. So his net favorability is -7%. The exact opposite of Governor Evers. And a terrible, terrible position for a two-term incumbent senator up for reelection.  


It’s also striking how the numbers have evolved. 


Governor Evers’s favorability has been stable since the last poll in October 2020. That means that the constant Republican attacks on Governor Evers simply aren’t working. The Governor’s steady, pragmatic leadership is canceling out the impact of the GOP’s shameless attempts at political sabotage. Moreover, the polling finds that only 7% of the state is undecided. People see what Governor Evers is doing, and they like what they see. 


Ron Johnson’s numbers, meanwhile, have been sinking like a stone. Last October, his net favorability was +2% (38% favorable, 36% unfavorable). This means his terrible track record over the last ten months—and all of our work to make sure Wisconsinites know about that track record—is catching up to him. What he’s doing isn’t working. What we’re doing is. 


But there’s another important note in the Johnson numbers: 23% of the electorate still has no opinion. That group is enough to determine the course of the race. So the path is clear: we have to redouble our work to counter the GOP’s attacks on Governor Evers—and we have to inform the rest of the state about all the ways Ron Johnson has consistently betrayed them in order to serve himself. 


(You can read more about the Marquette poll results here.)


The stakes in both races remain impossibly high. Governor Evers, as he demonstrated this week by vetoing GOP voter suppression laws, is the last line of defense for democracy in the nation’s tipping-point state. Ron Johnson, meanwhile, is among the nation’s worst purveyors of COVID vaccine conspiracy theories and a kleptocratic economic menace who commandeers tax giveaways for the ultra-wealthy (himself included) while attempting to block support for working families. And Johnson’s defeat may be the key to preventing Mitch McConnell from retaking control of the Senate. 


This polling is heartening news. But we know in Wisconsin that polls change, and polls often miss the mark—so we can take absolutely nothing for granted. At every step, we have to recommit to doing everything we can to advance the cause of Democrats, and of democracy itself. There’s no such thing as an off year. It’s a good thing, with such a critical task before us, that such a deeply dedicated group of thousands of Democrats across Wisconsin are ready to take on this challenge. 


In solidarity,



PS: I can’t resist mentioning a few more tidbits from the polling. First, President Biden is popular—his net favorability is +3, a level of popularity Trump never remotely approached during his entire presidency. Secondly, our GOP-run state legislature. They’re even more unpopular than Ron Johnson—their net favorability is -10. And finally, Trump himself. He’s spectacularly unpopular: negative 13%. That’s about as bad as you can get, in a state he narrowly lost. This is a tough time to be a Republican. 


Governor Evers Vetoes Slew of Voter Suppression Bills

In a huge win for democracy, Governor Evers stood up to the Republican state legislature’s assault on voting rights in Wisconsin. With his veto of the GOP’s egregious bills, Governor Evers has defended our democracy and protected the right of every person to vote, regardless of party, race, or disability.


The bills passed by Wisconsin Republicans had nothing to do with election integrity, and everything to do with politicians abusing their power to rig Wisconsin elections by making it harder for particular people to vote. Republicans know that the 2020 election was secure, fair, and accessible, as was confirmed and reconfirmed by state and federal courts and election officials. The GOP’s bogus attacks on our electoral system have been a pretext to tilt the playing field in their own favor.


The fight for our voting rights doesn’t end here. Republican politicians across the country are leading an all-out assault on democracy, abusing their power and trying to cheat their way into winning elections. If legislation is not passed to protect and expand voting rights at the federal level, Democratic governors will continue to be the last line of defense against these attacks on our democracy. Wisconsinites can trust Governor Tony Evers to stand up for democracy and to continue his fight for the rights of every eligible voter in the state.

Gov. Evers serves up a cream puff at the Wisconsin State Fair. More than 250 fairgoers have earned a free cream puff by getting vaccinated at the fair's vaccine clinic.

Gov. Evers serves up a cream puff at the Wisconsin State Fair. More than 250 fairgoers have earned a free cream puff by getting vaccinated at the fair's vaccine clinic.

Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Passes Senate Despite Ron Johnson Ignoring Best Interests of Wisconsinites

President Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure deal passed the Senate this week. The once-in-a-generation legislation will invest billions of dollars into Wisconsin’s economy. Yet, despite a vast majority of voters supporting the landmark plan, Ron Johnson tried to block the plan and ultimately voted against critical federal infrastructure funding that would help Wisconsin communities and create jobs. 


The bipartisan bill, which passed thanks to President Biden and was championed by Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin, will provide crucial investments to fix our roads and bridges, ensure clean drinking water, increase access to affordable broadband, and create good-paying jobs across Wisconsin.


According to Brookings, “the Senate infrastructure bill puts America closer to another New Deal.”


After blatantly ignoring calls from local community leaders and residents, Ron Johnson has cast his vote against the bipartisan infrastructure plan, taking his standing with Wisconsinites to an all-time low. What’s best for Wisconsin isn’t even an afterthought for Ron Johnson. Once again, he has put his self-serving agenda above the state’s workers, small businesses, and economy.


Thankfully, we have leaders like President Biden and Senator Baldwin who are tireless advocates for Wisconsin’s working families and small businesses. Democrats have delivered an infrastructure deal that will deliver $79 million for electric vehicles and clean energy solutions, $100 million for expanded broadband access, $595 million to improve public transportation, $5.2 billion for highway repairs, and $225 million for bridges repairs across the state. This deal is an investment in Wisconsin’s future, building on the key investments made by Governor Tony Evers, and sends a clear message: that President Biden and Wisconsin Democrats care about the world we leave for our children. Sen. Ron Johnson clearly doesn’t have the same commitment.

Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Passes Senate Despite Ron Johnson Ignoring Best Interests of Wisconsinites

The public interest investigative nonprofit ProPublica released a blockbuster story this week: by reviewing IRS returns from the wealthiest billionaires in America, they were able to determine the sheer scale of the tax giveaway that Ron Johnson secured for his three biggest donors during the Trump presidency.


After right-wing Wisconsin billionaires Liz and Dick Uihlein and Diane Hendricks poured $20 million into supporting Johnson's 2016 re-election campaign, he richly rewarded their favor—by personally securing a tax break that netted them up to half a billion dollars. That’s a 2500% return on investment, paid for by you and me.


And not coincidentally, this tax break benefited the owners of the specific type of corporation owned by Ron Johnson himself. This is politics as looting. And it’s going to be a key reason why Ron Johnson loses next year.