Iron County Progressive


Ron Johnson just voted against Wisconsinites getting the COVID relief they need.

We need to hold him accountable and defeat him in 2022.


As Wisconsinites wait for COVID relief, Ron Johnson has spent the last week playing partisan games and delaying the stimulus bill.

This week, he forced the Senate clerks to read the entire COVID bill and promised a flurry of meaningless amendments to delay the bill even longer.

Ron Johnson led the Republican effort against the relief bill -- a bill that 76% Americans approve of, including 60% of Republicans. Now, he just voted against the final relief bill for no reason other than to create a political show.

Senator Johnson has proven time and time again that he will ignore the needs of the people in order to push his right-wing agenda -- even when it hurts Wisconsinites in the process.

We know that we have to defeat Ron Johnson in 2022, but it’s going to take all of us to win. He is sitting on a warchest of special interest dollars that he thinks will win his reelection -- and we need to prove him wrong.