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This week the Senate confirmed Marty Walsh as our next Secretary of Labor! As the first Labor Secretary to come from our union movement in over 40 years, Marty Walsh will restore the Department of Labor's pro-worker mission to uphold the rights of working people to rebuild and strengthen our middle class.

Senator Ron Johnson once again voted against the rights and well-being of America’s workers by voting against the confirmation of Secretary Walsh. For four years, working families have lived with a Labor Department controlled by big business and devoted to serving a handful of elite interests. Fortunately, unlike Senator Johnson, 18 Republican lawmakers joined every Democratic Senator in confirming Secretary Walsh.

It’s time to build a just recovery that hands power back to the workers who have borne the brunt of the pandemic. That means keeping workers safe from COVID with a strong and fully funded OSHA. It means raising wages and delivering funding to create a 21st-century infrastructure alongside a new generation of good-paying union jobs. And most of all, it means strengthening working people’s right to organize together by passing the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act.

We will be stronger and safer with Secretary Walsh in the fight ahead. Congratulations to our union brother Secretary Walsh and the millions of American workers he will fight for.  

In Solidarity,

Stephanie Bloomingdale, President

Dennis Delie, Secretary-Treasurer


There are less than three weeks to go before Wisconsin voters head to the polls on Tuesday, April 6, in our Spring Election.

Help us remind voters of this important election and turn out the vote for pro-worker, union-approved candidates on the ballot. Volunteer with our union member to union member virtual phone banks at

Voters can request an absentee mail ballot until 5:00 pm on Thursday, April 1. Request your absentee mail-in ballot at

The Wisconsin AFL-CIO believes that every child no matter their zip code deserves a high-quality, public education. We have endorsed Dr. Jill Underly for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Underly is pro-kid, pro-public school, and pro-union. She believes that our schools work best when teachers have a strong voice through unions and collective bargaining.

In Solidarity,

Stephanie Bloomingdale, President

Dennis Delie, Secretary-Treasurer 


There’s a lot of work to be done in the legislature to improve the everyday lives of Wisconsinites. But instead of focusing on that work, yesterday Republicans in the Assembly passed a resolution honoring Rush Limbaugh. 

While their focus is on honoring Rush Limbaugh and all the hate he stood for, I’m choosing to focus on the recent success we had in electing more women to the Wisconsin legislature in 2020. The Wisconsin Assembly Democrats now have our first ever majority women caucus and an increasingly diversifying caucus.

In order to get our legislature to focus on the issues that matter and make an impact for Wisconsinites, we need to continue electing new legislators that better represent Wisconsinites. 

Rush Limbaugh did not represent our Wisconsin values. He was racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, bigoted, and cruel, and his work helped normalize and fuel hatred and extremism. 

The Wisconsin Assembly honoring his life sends the exact wrong message to Wisconsinites and those around the country who have felt vilified and harassed by Limbaugh over the years. 

My colleagues and I will keep working to move forward to be a more inclusive and welcoming state and we’re going to focus on the issues that will make a positive difference in people’s lives.

But if we want to change how the Assembly operates we have to continue to elect new members who will stand up for inclusive Wisconsin values

Rep. Lisa Subeck
Vice Chair, Assembly Democratic Caucus


Ron Johnson just voted against Wisconsinites getting the COVID relief they need.

We need to hold him accountable and defeat him in 2022.


As Wisconsinites wait for COVID relief, Ron Johnson has spent the last week playing partisan games and delaying the stimulus bill.

This week, he forced the Senate clerks to read the entire COVID bill and promised a flurry of meaningless amendments to delay the bill even longer.

Ron Johnson led the Republican effort against the relief bill -- a bill that 76% Americans approve of, including 60% of Republicans. Now, he just voted against the final relief bill for no reason other than to create a political show.

Senator Johnson has proven time and time again that he will ignore the needs of the people in order to push his right-wing agenda -- even when it hurts Wisconsinites in the process.

We know that we have to defeat Ron Johnson in 2022, but it’s going to take all of us to win. He is sitting on a warchest of special interest dollars that he thinks will win his reelection -- and we need to prove him wrong.