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Weekly News from Your Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair

The people have spoken. The election is over.
Joe Biden will be sworn in as our next president. Trump, true to form, is throwing a temper tantrum because he lost. But his flailing won't change the outcome—it just sets the stage for Trump to lose again and again, in recount after recount and court case after court case. 

In January 2021, the people's clear choice, Joe Biden will be sworn in as President of the United States—and the real work will begin. 

Wisconsin clerks and other election officials oversaw one of the smoothest, most transparent elections in our state's history. Now, clerks and workers and observers in Dane County and Milwaukee County will conduct a transparent, smooth recount and demonstrate for a second time that a clear majority of Wisconsin voters chose Biden and rejected Trump. 

Trump's baseless lawsuits—no doubt he'll keep filing them—illustrate his
desperation to cling to power, despite losing. He knew the rules, he was elected by those rules in 2016... and he's whining about them now because he lost by them in 2020. In America, we believe in upholding the democratic, peaceful transition of power, and we're going to do it again—just as we've done at every other juncture in history.

We turned out, across race, across place,
surpassing 2016 Democratic turnout in every single county in Wisconsin. We chose our leaders. Now we're going to move forward together. 

In solidarity, 




FIGHT on the Issues & FIGHT to Win


Gov. Evers Continues to Lead through the Pandemic While Republicans Do Nothing


As Wisconsin continues to break coronavirus records with more and more people dying and cases skyrocketing, Gov. Tony Evers is showing strong and steady leadership through the pandemic that is ravaging our state. On Tuesday, Evers unveiled a $541 million package of COVID-19 related measures that would provide economic and health relief to working families across the country. He also announced this week that he will declare a new public health emergency and extend the statewide mask mandate

Speaking to the moment, Evers said,
“It’s clear based on where we’re headed, we cannot afford to stop or have a gap in some of our only mitigation efforts we still have in place… We’ve got a long road ahead of us, Wisconsin, but we need to buckle down and get through this together until then. Call it what you want – flattening the curve, stopping the spread, staying safer at home . . . I’m going to call it what it is – saving lives.”

Meanwhile, Republicans continue to show absolutely no leadership and are actively slowing down any response. The pandemic has killed more than 2,700 Wisconsinites, yet state Republicans have yet to draft any bills aimed at addressing the public health nightmare. Evers’ spokesperson Britt Cudaback said,
“It’s shameful that Republicans are watching our state face an unprecedented crisis and would rather continue playing politics than work with the governor to do what’s best for the people of our state.”




Weekly News from Your Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair



Dear fellow Wisconsin Democrats,

We did it. 

Ten days have passed since Election Day, and it’s still barely sunk in. 

We really, actually, genuinely did it. 

Holy mackerel. 

Democratic turnout—the raw number of Biden votes, relative to Clinton votes in 2016—went up in every single county in the state. That means that, no matter where you live,
you were part of the Biden victory. 

In the weeks and months to come, a million pundits, analysts, organizers, and everyone else will keep sifting through the numbers to try to understand what it all means. One thing we know now: turning Wisconsin blue was always going to be a massive challenge. 

Look at Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. In those non-Wisconsin states, the GOP didn’t have the same hammerlock on voting rules. In 2018, Democratic candidates won the governorships of those states by double-digit margins, and in many cases, through court decisions, ballot initiatives, and legislation, voting rules eased access going into 2018. 

In Wisconsin, by contrast, Republicans and GOP-aligned judges set rules in Wisconsin to suppress Democratic votes, especially Black voters and young people across race and geography.

The GOP created our harsh and restrictive voter ID laws—and fought, from the lame-duck session of 2018 through court battles this year—to keep it in place, including the highly unusual requirement that requesting an absentee ballot involved uploading a photo or mailing a photocopy of one’s voter ID. 

Not only did the GOP battle against every effort to expand voter access—they actively made things worse. 127 days out from November 3, Republicans won a court ruling that actually curtailed voter access relative to 2016, by shortening the early vote period to two weeks and expanding residency requirements. Many Republican strongholds already had chosen two-week early vote periods. But in 2016, Milwaukee began early vote on September 26. This year, the easiest early vote date was October 20. 

Similarly, courts ruled to uphold a long-stayed GOP law that a Wisconsin voter must reside at her primary residence for 28 days, rather than 10, to be able to vote from there. This disproportionately harms voters who have to move frequently.

And at the Congressional and state legislative level, Wisconsin’s gerrymander remains legendary—one of the most extreme in the nation’s history.

All of those factors were stacked against us. They were why, even when polling suggested a blowout, we all told each other like a mantra: ignore the polls and vote. They were why we all felt that pit in our stomachs even when we could feel the wind at our backs in the final days. 

But they weren’t enough to overcome you.

Republicans spiked their turnout 15% relative to 2016. But your work, your tireless efforts, your refusal to concede in the face of Republican attacks, helped Democratic turnout jump up 18%. This was the work of volunteers and staff; of the campaign, of unions and grassroots groups, of candidates at every level and their families and kitchen cabinets and supporters; of community organizations and national allies and everything in between—and in the end, all of it, in every corner of the state, in every community and language, was enough to overcome the Trump and GOP machines. 

And when you look at the margins of victory in each state and add it all up, Wisconsin held the same title it held in the last election: we were the tipping-point state. (Read this Twitter thread for an explanation.) 

But this time, unlike last time, we tipped the Electoral College for the Democratic nominee. And that made all the difference. 

So many countries that start down the road of autocracy never come back once a strongman takes power. Here, through grit and focus and the skin of our teeth, we wrested the country back from the brink. The work goes on, and won’t be easy. But at this all-important moment, we came through. 

You did the work. You are now a part of history. Congratulations—and thank you. 




FIGHT on the Issues & FIGHT to Win


COVID Cases Skyrocket Across Wisconsin. Stay Home.


Cases of coronavirus are spiking across Wisconsin as hospitals get overwhelmed with patients. Wisconsin is currently on track to double its total number of deaths from COVID-19 before the end of the year. On Wednesday, health officials warned that hospitals in the state are approaching a point at which they may not be able to save everyone who gets sick. These horrifying numbers are because Republicans have now refused to meet or take action on COVID for 222 days.

This week, Gov. Evers used his statewide address as an opportunity to urge Wisconsinites to stay home to save lives, saying,
“I am concerned about what our current trajectory means for Wisconsin health care workers, families, and our economy if we don't get this virus under control. We must get back to the basics of fighting this virus just like we did last spring, and it starts at home.” He encouraged the basics that can make an enormous difference: social distancing, mask wearing, and staying home when possible.

We are thankful for Gov. Evers strong, steady leadership on fighting this pandemic and getting our state back on track. He has called on Republican leaders to bring ideas that they are willing to support to get the pandemic under control, and we need your help to urge our legislature to take action and save lives!
Call your legislators at 1-800-362-9472 and urge them to take action on COVID-19.






Lt. Gov. Barnes Says Harris’ Victory Shows Diversity Matters


Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes emphasized what a historic victory this election was, with Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris becoming the first female vice president, as well as the first Black vice president and first South Asian vice president. Lt. Gov. Barnes, who himself was elected as Wisconsin’s first Black lieutenant governor in 2018, said, “Politics can often feel disconnected for too many folks, especially those communities that have been marginalized. Lower-income communities, communities of color. When we bring in people that have some sort of shared experience, it makes the election process that much more personal to them.”
We are proud to have fought and won such a historic presidential ticket, and we cannot wait to continue the march toward more inclusion, equity, and justice at every level of government.