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The Wisconsin AFL-CIO has put together an Absentee and Early In-Person Voter Guide.

Get the Wisconsin AFL-CIO Voter Guide at:

Wisconsin voters easily can cast their ballot via an absentee ballot, in-person early voting before Election Day, and of course at their election poll on Election Day. Wisconsin voters do not need a reason or excuse to vote early.

Information on how Wisconsin voters can cast their vote via absentee ballot or via in-person early voting is at:

Along with the Presidential Preference choice, Wisconsin voters will decide on our next Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice, and many local races and referendums. The Wisconsin AFL-CIO has endorsed Jill Karofsky for Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Strong participation in our democracy is of utmost importance. There are options to cast your ballot in the Spring Election. As you plan ahead, download and share the Wisconsin AFL-CIO Absentee and Early In-Person Voter Guide, lookup your polling location for April 7, and be sure to make your voice heard at the ballot box.

Download and print the Wisconsin AFL-CIO Early Voter Guide here:

In Solidarity,

Stephanie Bloomingdale, President

Dennis Delie, Secretary-Treasurer

WI AFL-CIO Voter Guide:

This week in review with Rep. Beth Meyers 


In the coming weeks, the best thing we can do to prevent a pandemic is to be proactive. Taking precautions is about your health and your community. Here are some tips to prevent the spread of COVID-19:
  • Wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Cover your mouth and nose when you cough/sneeze.
  • Stay home if you feel sick.
  • Clean/disinfect surfaces thoroughly.
  • Avoid nonessential travel & large gatherings.
  • Request a mail-in ballot at if you are at risk.
  • Work from home if you are able. 

Blue Books!

As your representative, feel free to contact my office for State of Wisconsin Blue Books. The Blue Book has great information on our state government, your elected officials and Wisconsin history, as well as fun facts about our state.

Did you know one of the first typewriters was invented in Wisconsin by Milwaukee newspaper publisher and Wisconsin legislator Christopher Latham Sholes in 1873? Find out more great facts by contacting my office for a free 2019-2020 Blue Book of your own!

League of Women Voters

On March 8th, also known as International Women's Day, I attended a League of Women Voters event to speak about the importance of Democracy. Here is an excerpt of that speech:
Thank you so much for hosting this wonderful celebration on International Women’s Day.

Our country is a better place today because of the women who have forged the path for us to follow. While in the past 100 years we have accomplished so much, we cannot stop here.

Suffrage is the law of the land for all citizens over 18, but access to the polls and fair representation is not the reality for everyone. Between gerrymandering and voter suppression, there are efforts to undermine our democracy. It’s going to take persistence and hard work to ensure voting rights for all, to make sure all voices are heard.

But there’s one thing I know - we Wisconsin women have never been afraid of hard work.

I’ll be honest with you—there are times when I’m working in the Capitol, and it’s easy to get discouraged. There are days where the pettiness and the partisan fighting gets to be too much. But there are still days where I’m extremely proud of what I do in the legislature.

This session, we did some good bipartisan work.

We passed 10 bipartisan bills to address clean drinking water. We raised the pay for public defenders. Last week, I testified on a bill I coauthored to create a Task Force for Murdered and Missing Native Women and Girls.

These bipartisan victories are the result of representing the people of Wisconsin and listening to what they value.

At the end of the day, we all want many of the same things – accessible and affordable health care, safe roads and bridges, thriving communities and a better tomorrow for our children and grandchildren. We may disagree on how to get there, but we listen to our constituents, activists and experts to arrive on effective legislation that sometimes requires negotiation and compromise. This is how our government should function.

But it’s so easy to get caught up in anger, and I don’t blame anyone who does.

Flood Prevention and Resilience Plan

In 2016 and 2018, there were catastrophic floods in Northern Wisconsin. Lives were lost. There was tens of millions of dollars’ worth of damage to homes and businesses. I never want to see that happen to our state again.

With the snow melt coming soon, we need to prepare for the possible coming floods. The Flood Prevention and Resilience Plan is a package of commonsense, smart policies for flood prevention and recovery programs, including a bill I authored. Gov. Tony Evers and several of my colleagues joined me in introducing this package.

The bill I authored invests in the Disaster Damage Aids program, which provides our state with a greater ability to respond and partner with local governments after a major flood event. This will help local communities restore roads and infrastructure and prevent further damage. We must work on solutions now for an uncertain future.

Transportation Funding

I'm thrilled that Governor Tony Evers has announced millions of dollars in local transportation funding throughout Northern Wisconsin. In the 74th Assembly District alone, $3,741,539.23 will go to several projects, including the Kinney Valley Road Bridge in Port Wing, the Waterfront Access Road in Ashland and Agenda Road in Price County.

Contact Information

If there is an issue that is important to you, even if you are sure I agree or disagree with you, please contact my office. Hearing from my constituents gives me the perspectives I need when researching, discussing and voting on any given bill. Please call, email, write or contact me on social media:

Phone Number: (608) 266-7690
Address: P.O. Box 8953, Madison, WI 53708
Twitter: @beth_rep
Facebook: @RepBethMeyers

Thank you for your interest, and again, feel free to reach out to my office if you have any additional questions or concerns. Thank you!