Iron County Progressive


A historic night in Missouri! Yesterday, Missouri voters went to the polls and by a 2-1 margin rejected Right to Work. With a citizen veto, Missouri voters made clear their support for strong unions and collective bargaining rights. Right to Work laws do nothing but lower wages and workplace standards for workers. Last night’s win in Missouri is a victory for every worker across the country. We all benefit when union rights and collective bargaining rights are strong. 

Something big is happening with America’s working people—something that will bring change—and last night was just the latest evidence of this groundswell.

As Wisconsin workers, let’s take the energy from Missouri and continue to build momentum for working people. On August 14, vote union brother and firefighter Mahlon Mitchell for Governor. Mark your calendars now for the November 6 elections and volunteer with our Labor 2018 voter contact program to help voters learn more about our endorsed candidates

Working people came together through our unions and defeated Prop A, stopping so-called Right to Work from becoming law in Missouri. This is a worker-powered win that will benefit all workers in Missouri and in America. 

Congratulations to President of the Missouri AFL-CIO Mike Louis, Secretary-Treasurer Jake Hummel and all the workers in Missouri for leading and winning this historic fight. We are proud to stand together in solidarity. 

In Solidarity,
Phil Neuenfeldt, President
Stephanie Bloomingdale, Secretary-Treasurer