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Weekly News from Your Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair

This past weekend, more than 1300 Wisconsin Democrats came together in Oshkosh for our annual state convention, and wow, was it a great weekend! We gathered to celebrate our amazing candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, state treasurer, congressional offices, as well as our current elected leaders like Congressman Mark Pocan, Congresswoman Gwen Moore and Senator Tammy Baldwin!

Looking forward to November, I can tell that Democrats are fired up and ready to elect a democratic Governor for Wisconsin, re-elect our amazing Senator Baldwin, and elect leaders up and down the ballot who embrace our Wisconsin values!

A democratic governor would:

  • Fight to ensure affordable, accessible health care for all Wisconsinites
  • Fully fund our public schools
  • Improve the abysmal quality of our roads across the state

Each of our candidates approached the stage on Friday with a similar message -- they know they can and will beat Scott Walker. They understand the importance of fighting for all Wisconsinites, not just the wealthiest. They understand that we all do better when we all do better, and need to empower the middle class. They understand that we need to fight to ensure every Wisconsinite is protected and held equally in our society and in our laws. They know that what Wisconsinites need is someone who will listen to them and represent the interests of hardworking people in this state.

Lately, Republicans have been accusing Democrats of being filled with hate and anger, but our convention proved that false. After the inspired display of community and passion we saw from all of our speakers and delegates this weekend, clearly Democrats are the party of unity and action that will make Wisconsin thrive again! I think Mayor Pete Buttigieg, our keynote speaker on Friday night, summed it up best: “If their game plan is divide and conquer, ours is stand up and unite.”

Thank you Mayor Pete and the hundreds of dedicated Democrats who came to Oshkosh this weekend to get fired up to elect the next democratic governor of Wisconsin and re-elect Senator Tammy Baldwin!

Schimel Rejects Responsibility

Brad Schimel's appearance on UpFront with Mike Gousha this Sunday was appalling and highlighted why we need a new attorney general.

Maintaining an apathetic attitude toward his responsibilities as Attorney General, Brad Schimel gave himself a five-star job performance review during the interview. With opioid-related emergency room visits and deaths skyrocketing under Schimel’s tenure as Attorney General, he managed to maintain during the interview that, under his command, he’s been “doing the right thing.”

For Schimel, "doing the right thing" has apprently meant refusing to join in bipartisan lawsuits to hold opioid manufacturers accountable for the crisis they helped manufacture. What's even more insulting is that Schimel has been taking campaign contributions from big pharma this whole time!

What’s more, Schimel continues to tout his efforts--or lack thereof--to address the massive rape kit backlog that remains under his control. When he took office in 2015, AG Schimel was tasked with testing 6,800 untested rape kits. He received $5 million in federal funding to eliminate the backlog, but two years into his term in 2017, he had tested only nine of those kits.

Does that sound like "doing the right thing?" Certainly not!

These egregious attacks on our justice system and lack of respect for people who need our help the most cannot go on for any longer. Attorney General Schimel must be held accountable for his neglect and inaction. It’s time for a new top cop and I look forward to casting my vote for Josh Kaul as Wisconsin’s next attorney general in November!