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Weekly News from Your Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair

My heart is so heavy. Over the last week, we've heard so many stories about mothers and fathers being torn away from their children at the U.S-Mexico border. As a mom of three, I can't imagine the terror these parents felt as they saw their children being taken away, especially knowing that they came here to our country looking for a safe home for their family, only to find a government with "Zero Humanity" waiting for them.

My family has been extremely lucky not to have to make the decisions parents crossing the border have. I cannot fathom the fear, the sleepless nights, the questions that these families who have been torn apart have.

Like most parents, if my children were in danger, I would cross any border to bring them to safety. I would hope those on the other side of the border would understand my decision and offer compassion and love.

You don't have to be a parent to realize that separating children from their parents and putting them in cages is cruel. You don't have to belong to any political party or claim any identity to know that the treatment of families seeking asylum at our border is wrong and inhumane

Gerrymandering Update 🚨


This past Monday, the Supreme Court gave an update on the Wisconsin partisan gerrymandering case, Gill v. Whitford. In short, the Court remanded the case to the lower court on the ruling that the plaintiffs did not prove they had standing to bring the case.

We can still end partisan gerrymandering -- the Supreme Court has kept the door open for us to make our case again, and lawyers are looking into that now. While we won’t have new, fair maps for November, we will continue to focus our efforts on electing Democrats up and down the ticket to create the change we need.
What gives me even more hope, however, is our amazing field team. For over a year, we have been organizing around the state to elect a Democratic majority. We made an early, off-year investment to ensure that we'd have boots on the ground to get out the vote. And as you know, it's paid off already. 

So we will continue to fight for free, fair elections where voters are able to elect their representatives, not the other way around.
Josh Kaul: An Attorney General Who Will Work For Us!
Our Attorney General candidate Josh Kaul joined health care advocates in Green Bay this week to call out Brad Schimel and Scott Walker's continued effort to sabotage health care access for millions of Wisconsinites!

With Scott Walker's green light of approval, Brad Schimel has spearheaded a lawsuit to repeal the ACA. This would have devestating consequences for Wisconsinites: those with pre-existing conditions would lose protections, and premiums would skyrocket!

Thank you Josh for being a leader on this issue. Wisconsin deserves an attorney general who defends our interests. 
Reality check for Governor Walker
Governor Walker released his sixth ad this week, and let me tell you, it’s outrageous. He claims to be the “education governor,” but we all know his defunding of education has contributed to teacher shortages, skyrocketing school debt, and an increased burden for local taxpayers. Reality check: Walker's historic cuts to public schools and constant funneling of taxpayer dollars to private schools, his wealthy donors and foreign corporations has left Wisconsin worse off.

To me, this sounds like the recipe for the anti-education governor! Luckily, we have a wonderful field of Democratic candidates running to invest in our children's future!
Sen. Baldwin Stands with Wisconsin
Six months ago this Wednesday, the GOP signed its tax bill into law. This anniversary hasn't been one of celebration for the average Wisconsinite who has been forced to take a back seat to massive, wealthy corporations thanks to the GOP.

Congressional Republicans, Governor Walker, and Senate Candidates Leah Vukmir and Kevin Nicholson touted the tax plan as one that would benefit all families, but we’ve arrived at the six month mark with little to show for the average American, but their wealthy and corporate supporters seem to have reaped the benefits of the plan.
Wells Fargo, one of the largest beneficiaries to the tax plan, received a $3 billion boom to their bank account, yet they claim they can’t afford to keep on 46 employees at a call center in Menomonee Falls! Luckily, Senator Baldwin is not afraid to take on powerful special interests like Wells Fargo and Kimberly Clark. She called on Wells Fargo to use some of their billions in tax giveaways to keep their workers employed! Senator Baldwin has time and again proven that she is dedicated to helping the average Wisconsinite, regardless of what the giant special interests might have in mind.

Weekly News from Your Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair

If you haven’t already heard, I am thrilled to announce that Wisconsin Democrats flipped a red seat blue -- Caleb Frostman will be the new Senator of the 1st Senate District, the first Democrat in that seat in 41 years! Few words can describe how happy I am that Wisconsinites in the 1st will have such an incredible Senator representing them! Thanks to everyone who continues to help build the #BlueWave in Wisconsin!

Of course, I am sad that Ann Groves-Lloyd won’t be representing the 42nd Assembly District for the next few months, but I look forward to her campaign continuing over the next couple months leading up to November. She closed the gap significantly in a district that was rigged against her.

Caleb and Ann ran positive campaigns focused on issues that matter to their communities, issues like family supporting jobs, clean drinking water, affordable health care and funding our public schools.

I know that much of Tuesday’s success is due to our amazing Field Team around the state and the volunteers who consistently took time out of their days to knock doors or make calls on behalf of Caleb and Ann. These victories were only made possible thanks to an early off-year investment we made in our field program that empowered us to organize our greatest resource: the people. Thanks to collaboration with our coordinated table, we were able to harness grassroots energy, put people on the ground, and get Caleb across the finish line.

I also want to thank our partners in the State Senate Campaign Committee and the Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee who worked tirelessly to support these campaigns. They are working so hard to ensure that we elect leaders to the legislature all across the state!

Tuesday was a morale booster, but the fight isn’t over. We need to keep up the energy all the way through November if we’re going to elect the leaders and pass the policies we want to see in Wisconsin.

Schimel Continues Mismanagement of Backlog


In shocking new revelations uncovered in an investigation by The Post Crescent, Attorney General Brad Schimel made shocking blunders and deliberate missteps in his handling of the 6,000 backlogged rape kits in Wisconsin.
His errors ultimately came at the expense of sexual assault and rape survivors seeking justice. The report also revealed that Schimel made deceitful statements to distract attention from his mishandling of the backlog and even pinned the blame on victims of assault and rape.

This is unacceptable. We need an Attorney General who's serious about keeping Wisconsinites safe. Thankfully, our Democratic candidate Josh Kaul understands the issues facing Wisconsinites and will step up to the job when elected in November.

Walker's Broadband Bribery

In 2011, Governor Walker rejected $23 million in federal dollars that would have increased broadband access for 385 libraries and 82 schools, expanding access in 380 Wisconsin communities. Now, in Walker’s classic election-year style, he’s touting an offer of taxpayer dollars to subdue the struggling communities that do not have sufficient broadband access due to Walker’s initial neglect.

Wisconsin classrooms, libraries, and small businesses, especially in rural parts of the state, deserve equal opportunity to thrive in their communities. Once again Walker’s bribes are too little, too late. Wisconsinites deserve communities that are fully and consistently funded so they can remain productive places to live, work, and play.

Weekly News from Your Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair

This past weekend, more than 1300 Wisconsin Democrats came together in Oshkosh for our annual state convention, and wow, was it a great weekend! We gathered to celebrate our amazing candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, state treasurer, congressional offices, as well as our current elected leaders like Congressman Mark Pocan, Congresswoman Gwen Moore and Senator Tammy Baldwin!

Looking forward to November, I can tell that Democrats are fired up and ready to elect a democratic Governor for Wisconsin, re-elect our amazing Senator Baldwin, and elect leaders up and down the ballot who embrace our Wisconsin values!

A democratic governor would:

  • Fight to ensure affordable, accessible health care for all Wisconsinites
  • Fully fund our public schools
  • Improve the abysmal quality of our roads across the state

Each of our candidates approached the stage on Friday with a similar message -- they know they can and will beat Scott Walker. They understand the importance of fighting for all Wisconsinites, not just the wealthiest. They understand that we all do better when we all do better, and need to empower the middle class. They understand that we need to fight to ensure every Wisconsinite is protected and held equally in our society and in our laws. They know that what Wisconsinites need is someone who will listen to them and represent the interests of hardworking people in this state.

Lately, Republicans have been accusing Democrats of being filled with hate and anger, but our convention proved that false. After the inspired display of community and passion we saw from all of our speakers and delegates this weekend, clearly Democrats are the party of unity and action that will make Wisconsin thrive again! I think Mayor Pete Buttigieg, our keynote speaker on Friday night, summed it up best: “If their game plan is divide and conquer, ours is stand up and unite.”

Thank you Mayor Pete and the hundreds of dedicated Democrats who came to Oshkosh this weekend to get fired up to elect the next democratic governor of Wisconsin and re-elect Senator Tammy Baldwin!

Schimel Rejects Responsibility

Brad Schimel's appearance on UpFront with Mike Gousha this Sunday was appalling and highlighted why we need a new attorney general.

Maintaining an apathetic attitude toward his responsibilities as Attorney General, Brad Schimel gave himself a five-star job performance review during the interview. With opioid-related emergency room visits and deaths skyrocketing under Schimel’s tenure as Attorney General, he managed to maintain during the interview that, under his command, he’s been “doing the right thing.”

For Schimel, "doing the right thing" has apprently meant refusing to join in bipartisan lawsuits to hold opioid manufacturers accountable for the crisis they helped manufacture. What's even more insulting is that Schimel has been taking campaign contributions from big pharma this whole time!

What’s more, Schimel continues to tout his efforts--or lack thereof--to address the massive rape kit backlog that remains under his control. When he took office in 2015, AG Schimel was tasked with testing 6,800 untested rape kits. He received $5 million in federal funding to eliminate the backlog, but two years into his term in 2017, he had tested only nine of those kits.

Does that sound like "doing the right thing?" Certainly not!

These egregious attacks on our justice system and lack of respect for people who need our help the most cannot go on for any longer. Attorney General Schimel must be held accountable for his neglect and inaction. It’s time for a new top cop and I look forward to casting my vote for Josh Kaul as Wisconsin’s next attorney general in November!
Bewley Submits Nomination Papers
Supporters Help Gather Signatures From Across The District 
Delta, WI — Janet Bewley, Wisconsin State Senator from the 25th Senate District, submitted the final batch of her nomination signatures to the Wisconsin Elections Commission yesterday, bringing her total to over 800, more than double the number required to be placed on the ballot in November.
Bewley, who is finishing her first term, thanked the dedicated team of volunteers who assisted her in gathering the signatures. “I’m humbled and honored by the encouragement I’ve received in the last six weeks,” said Bewley, “The outpouring of support means the world to me.  With their help, I feel ready to kick off my re-election campaign.”
People from every part of the 25th Senate District, the largest in Wisconsin, signed Bewley's nomination papers.  “Since my first campaign for State Assembly in 2010, I've been struck by how receptive the people of northern Wisconsin are to a positive campaign,” said Bewley, “From the South Shore of Lake Superior to the sand barrens of Burnett, Washburn and Douglas Counties, from the rolling hills in Barron County to the abundant woods and waters in Price County, people are excited about a campaign focusing on what matters most to them: good roads, family supporting jobs and strong schools"   
Janet Bewley is the current State Senator of the 25th Senate District in Northern Wisconsin, having been first elected in 2014 after serving two terms in the State Assembly. She and her Husband David Saetre live on the White River in Bayfield County.