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 365 Days of Record-Breaking Job Creation

MADISON, Wis. — President Biden started his first day in office with a 6.4 percent unemployment rate and dismal job creation numbers left behind by his predecessor. Now, one year later, with President Biden at the helm, the economy has grown faster than it has in decades. Over 6.4 million jobs were added in the last year, unemployment claims are down to a level not seen since 1969, and the unemployment rate has plummeted to 3.9 percent — a number that wasn’t expected until 2026. 

Thanks to President Biden and Governor Evers, Wisconsin now has one of the lowest unemployment rates in its history at 3% — that’s one of the lowest in the country — and one of the highest labor participation rates in the nation. 

These jobs didn’t appear out of thin air — in Wisconsin, President Biden’s American Rescue Plan ensured that Governor Evers had the funds needed to lead the Badger State into a stronger economic recovery. 

Here are some of the initiatives Governor Evers spearheaded thanks to President Biden’s American Rescue Plan:

  • $200 million to help local governments recover from the COVID-19 pandemic
  • $420 million in grants for an estimated 84,000 small businesses
  • $140 million to help bolster businesses in Wisconsin’s tourism and entertainment industries
  • $100 million to bring high-speed internet to Wisconsin families
  • $130 million to find solutions to workforce challenges and help unemployed or underemployed workers find job opportunities

There’s still more work to do to make sure Wisconsinites stay competitive in the job market for the next year. Governor Evers and Democrats in Congress are committed to working with President Biden to deliver federal funding that will help Wisconsin build back better and invest in the communities that need it most. 

 A Look Back at Radical Rebecca’s Attacks on Reproductive Rights

 MADISON, Wis. — This week, we are reminded of Radical Rebecca Kleefisch’s extreme views on reproductive health care — and what could happen if she becomes governor.

The GOP legislature has repeatedly attempted to limit abortion access — and should a Republican be elected governor, their extreme agenda could become law. The Wisconsin GOP’s attack on reproductive rights is a part of a calculated effort by Republicans to ban abortion nationwide and interfere with a person’s ability to make their own health care decisions.

Radical Rebecca has:

Governor Evers is fighting to make access to affordable health care a reality for everyone in Wisconsin. He is the last line of defense against attacks on reproductive health care, underscoring the importance of re-electing a Democratic governor in 2022.

“Rebecca Kleefisch’s radical policies would deeply harm people seeking reproductive health care, and disproportionately affect people who already have difficulty accessing the care they need,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Iris Riis. “Kleefisch will say or do anything to get elected, including blocking Wisconsinites’ access to health care —  extreme doesn’t even begin to cover it. Governor Tony Evers is the only thing standing in the way of Wisconsin Republicans interfering in some of the most personal health care decisions a person can make.”

 Weekly News From Your Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair 

Dear friends across Wisconsin,  

The Senate has failed to act on voting rights. It’s painful—infuriating. 

 What we can’t let it become is dispiriting. Because the impasse in the Senate means it’s time for Plan B. 

 And Plan B is us.

 Plan B is to out-organize the GOP, voter by voter, precinct by precinct, county by county, all across Wisconsin—to win victories that allow democracy to survive this moment of peril. 

 First and foremost, we must reelect Governor Evers. We don’t have to guess what Rebecca Kleefisch and the rest of her radical crew would do to our elections if they got the chance – they’ve shown us, in the bills Gov. Evers has vetoed, one after another. From banning secure and convenient absentee ballot drop boxes – which they’re also trying to do right now with the help of a right-wing judge – to imposing new restrictions that make it harder for younger voters, rural voters, voters of color and disabled voters from casting their ballots. And the ultimate threat: the unacceptable risk that Republicans would overturn the results of a legitimate election. That will never happen with Tony Evers in the Governor’s residence. And that’s why we have to keep him there. 

 Next, we absolutely must defeat Ron Johnson. It’s no surprise, but Ron Johnson sided with the Senate Republicans who chose to protect the filibuster over the future of American democracy. We’ve seen over the last year how much a single vote in the senate can matter. If we defeat Ron Johnson and replace him with a Democrat who will champion our voting rights in the Senate, we’ll ensure Democrats and President Biden have strength in numbers to pass voting rights legislation in the future. 

 Part three – we need to elect values-aligned officials at the local level. We’re not just organizing to win the high-profile statewide races this year – we’re talking about the local races that make our democracy work: clerks, judges, mayors, city council members, and more. Make no mistake, Republicans have their eyes on these races too, because they know these are the folks that make elections happen, running the logistics of voters casting ballots.

 Finally, part four: poll workers, poll observers, and voter protection volunteers. We know the GOP is continuing to push Trump’s Big Lie that the 2020 election was stolen. But just as they’re doing that, they’re also recruiting the Big Lie’s believers into our electoral process to work in precincts statewide. The implications of this are scary – but the WisDems Voter Protection Team is on it, working hard to out-organize the GOP and ensure we have a full complement of dedicated, pro-democracy poll workers ready to staff our elections, observers to keep an eye on what takes place, and VoPro volunteers to take decisive action the instant problems arise. 

 Make no mistake: this moment could not be more urgent. As we watched voting rights get blocked on the Senate floor, an even more anti-democratic dysfunction was unfolding right here in Wisconsin. Elijah Behnke, a first-year right-wing state representative, was caught arguing for Republicans to “cheat” in future elections and threatening to punch Gov. Evers. It’s clear whatever little control Robin Vos had over his caucus has evaporated – and the furthest fringe reaches of the radical right wing is assuming more and more power.

 We’ve seen danger before. Generations past have overcome far greater obstacles than this. And most critically, we’re doing the work. This week, more than 250 volunteers joined our spring Voter Protection kickoff Zoom. On Thursday, I heard the Racine County Dems outline their plans to fight for majorities on the County Board, Racine Common Council, and Racine School Board. Great candidates will be on the ballot. Volunteers will be knocking on doors and calling phones. The energy—and hope—were high. 

 We know what it takes to win. And we’re going to pour every iota of energy we’ve got into making it happen. That’s Plan B: for all of us to rise to this moment. We’re on the job.

 In solidarity,



Celebrating President Biden’s One Year In Office 

This week, we’re celebrating the one year anniversary of President Biden’s inauguration. President Biden’s first year has been historic — from his first day in office, he got to work jump-starting the economy, investing in our country’s infrastructure, and protecting Americans from COVID-19. 

 President Biden’s American Rescue Plan delivered much-needed relief to Wisconsin’s small businesses, health care workers, and the tourism and entertainment industries that were most impacted by this pandemic. This critical pandemic relief sparked unprecedented economic growth across the county and put checks directly in the pockets of Wisconsinites struggling – Wisconsin families received 2.9 million Economic Impact Payments, totaling to over $7.1 billion in direct relief.

 Governor Evers’ quick and effective leadership put the ARP’s dollars to work in Wisconsin. Thanks to the rescue plan – which passed without the vote of a single Republican in Congress – an estimated 2,091 Wisconsin restaurants were able to stay afloat throughout the pandemic, with an average award of $180,543 in federal dollars going to each restaurant. 

 The rescue plan was just the first step in a year of historic economic growth. Under President Biden’s leadership, the national unemployment rate fell from 6.4 percent to 3.9 percent – the largest calendar year decrease in unemployment history. President Biden also added 6.4 million jobs in the past year – the largest yearly increase in labor force participation since 1996. In Wisconsin alone, over 55,000 new jobs were created in 2021. After a tumultuous 2020, President Biden not only steadied the economy but has stimulated unprecedented growth — growth that benefits the middle-class and creates more opportunities for all Americans. 

 In addition to the American Rescue Plan, President Biden’s historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will bring millions of dollars to fund much needed infrastructure projects across the country. Every neighborhood across Wisconsin will benefit from these much-needed infrastructure investments – benefiting rural and urban communities alike. Over the next five years Wisconsin will receive billions of federal dollars to rebuild roads, rails and bridges, expand access to clean drinking water, invest in high speed internet, tackle climate change, and put money back into communities that are too often left behind. 

 In just one year, President Biden and Vice President Harris have delivered real results for Wisconsin’s working families that will set our state up for success for years to come. Today, we celebrate his one year in office and look forward to another three years of strengthening our county and investing in our citizens. 

Radical Rebecca Kleefisch Unable to Unify Base 

Rebecca Kleefisch is currently the only declared Republican running for Governor of Wisconsin and she and her followers would like to keep it that way. On Wednesday, Robin Vos endorsed Kleefisch while calling for Republican candidates to not run, targeting Kevin Nicholson, “If Kevin Nicholson is listening, you need to not run for governor.” 

Though Kleefisch is the only declared GOP candidate, multiple Republican Wisconsinites have spoken about challenging her. Most notably, failed Senate candidate Kevin Nicholson and hedge fund millionaire Eric Hovde and even Tommy Thompson are considering running among others. Neither potential challengers are intimidated by her — Nicholson previously described Kleefisch’s proposals as “dumb as a bag of hammers” while Hovde is “nonplussed” and “unfazed” by her. 

Kleefisch, and her followers, know that if another high profile name enters the race, she cannot unify the base. Her divisive ideas and fear-mongering tactics won’t hold up. Not even Trump will endorse her, despite the desperate attempts on her end. 

 Now, not only does she now have to try to catch up to Governor Evers’ record-breaking fundraising numbers, she has to compete with members of her own party to try to even nab the nomination. It looks like Kleefisch will have to spend the money she’s scrounged together on a very long and expensive primary that she may not even win. It turns out, Kleefisch’s ideas are too much even for the Republicans of Wisconsin.

 America’s Worst Senator Continues To Mislead and Offend 

Ron Johnson took a break this week from spewing new COVID-19 misinformation, to turn his attention on a topic pressing to all his constituents – America’s 36th president. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Johnson blames LBJ and his signature programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and public housing assistance for a rise in “out of wedlock birth rates.” 

 Lyndon Johnson’s great poverty fighting programs are a lasting example of our country at its best. But to Ron Johnson, government efforts to alleviate suffering simply “discouraged fathers from being present in the home, because you won’t get the benefits then.” 

 The problem isn’t just that Johnson’s claims are unfounded — after all, correlation does not mean causation – it’s that his wild rhetoric distracts from a record of putting himself and donors ahead of working families. Johnson was all too happy to intervene personally to insure that he and his biggest donors got fat tax breaks from Trump’s 2017 tax bill. But when it comes to helping working people, Johnson puts his foot down – and as we saw this week, he’ll make up any excuse to justify it.

Gov. Evers and AG Kaul Defend Reproductive Health Care 

Thursday morning, Governor Tony Evers, AG Josh Kaul and Legislative Democrats defended access to reproductive health care by introducing a bill to repeal Wisconsin’s 173-year-old abortion ban. If Roe v. Wade were to be overturned, this antiquated law would immediately criminalize all abortions in Wisconsin – with no exceptions. 

 Gov. Evers has a long history of fighting for access to health care — including reproductive rights. Last year, he vetoed a set of Republican passed bills that would have jeopardized Wisconsinites’ access to reproductive health care. The vetoed bills were a part of a national effort to ban abortion and interfere with a person’s ability to make their own health care deicisons. 

 Attorney General Kaul has said his Department of Justice won’t prosecute or investigate any alleged violations of of the abortion ban in the event of Roe being overturned and strongly supports the legislation proposed today — underscoring the importance of re-electing a Democratic governor and attorney general in Wisconsin this year. 

 “If Roe v. Wade is overturned — and if Wisconsin doesn’t have a Democratic governor and a Democratic AG to defend Wisconsinites’ freedom to make their own health care decisions — Republicans would be able to enforce this draconian law, pass even more extreme health care bans, and strip Wisconsinites’ access to reproductive health care,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler emphasized in a statement, “The stakes are high in 2022 — Governor Tony Evers is the last line of defense against Wisconsin Republicans’ attacks on reproductive health care.”

 Wisconsin Democrats Rally Behind President Biden’s Call for Voting Rights Legislation

MADISON, Wis. – Yesterday, President Biden and Vice President Harris reaffirmed their commitment to protecting the sacred right to vote. Democrats from across Wisconsin have voiced their support for the president’s leadership on this critical issue and joined the rallying call for the Senate to pass the For the People Act and John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act:

Governor Tony Evers: “The right of every eligible voter to participate in our elections isn’t partisan. It’s fundamental to our democracy. Thank you to @JoeBiden for reaffirming the values that define this country. It’s time for Congress to pass legislation that protects voting rights.” [1/11/22]

Senator Tammy Baldwin: “We cannot allow Mitch McConnell and Washington obstruction to prevent us from protecting our Democracy. And we cannot allow Trump’s Big Lie to attack your constitutional right to free and fair elections where every American has equal access to the ballot box. #FTVA #JLVRAA” [1/11/22]

Representative Gwen Moore: “Your vote is your voice. It is the lifeblood of our democracy. The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act is what we need right now to protect your right to vote and to safeguard free and fair elections.” [1/11/22]

Representative Mark Pocan: “It ain’t rocket science: if we don’t secure the right to vote, democracy is in danger. It’s on us to protect #VotingRights. No matter what it takes.” [1/11/22]

ACLU Wisconsin: “Protecting our democracy couldn’t be more urgent. Send a message to your Senator now — the Senate must pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and clear the way for it to be signed into law.” [1/12/22]

Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway: “We need Congress to take action on #VotingRights now. Here in Madison, we are fighting as hard as we can to protect democracy, but we are facing threats, intimidation, subpoenas, investigations, and terrible legislation – all designed to make it harder to vote. We need the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act to be the law of the land…” [1/11/22]

Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley: “.@POTUS & @VP are correct. The time is now to expand voting rights & protect our most fundamental right: the right to cast a ballot and have your voice heard. #PassVotingRightsNow” [1/11/22]

 NEW: Wisconsin to Receive $225 Million for Bridge Repairs From Infrastructure Law

MADISON, Wis. – This morning, the Biden-Harris administration announced their Bridge Replacement, Rehabilitation, Preservation, Protection, and Construction Program (Bridge Formula Program), which is funded by President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The program – which is administered by the Federal Highway Association – is the largest dedicated bridge investment since the construction of the interstate highway system.

In total, Wisconsin will receive $225 million to revamp and rebuild the state’s bridges. In 2022 alone, the state will receive $45 million. Thanks to President Biden and Democrats championing this historic legislation, Wisconsinites will be able to drive to work, school, and across the state knowing their bridges are secure and resilient.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law builds on Governor Evers’ continued commitment to repairing Wisconsin’s aging infrastructure – which suffered from years of neglect by the Kleefisch-Walker administration and Wisconsin GOP refusing much-needed federal funds. Since taking office, Gov. Evers has improved more than 1,700 miles of highways and more than 1,250 bridges.

“The Democratic Party is all about building bridges and connecting folks from across the state – in this case, we’re talking about literal bridges,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Julia Hamelburg. “Every time Wisconsinites hit the road, they’ll be reminded that Democrats delivered this critical funding in their infrastructure and safety – despite the best efforts of the Wisconsin GOP to derail the bill.”

Read about the full impact of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law in Wisconsin here

 National Pothole Day: Democrats Are Paving the Way Forward

MADISON, Wis. – This year, on National Pothole Day, we would like to give special recognition to the Wisconsin Republicans who refused to provide enough funding to fully fix Wisconsin’s roads throughout the years. Without folks like Rebecca Kleefisch, Scott Walker, Ron Johnson, Mike Gallagher, and Robin Vos — this day would not be possible.

Infrastructure plays a huge role in the lives of Wisconsinites, from the roads we take to work to the internet we use to connect with friends and family across the state. And for years, under Republican leadership, our infrastructure was severely neglected. Scott Walker and his lieutenant governor Rebecca Kleefisch underfunded infrastructure and left Wisconsin’s roads in worse condition than they found them. They rejected federal funds for everything from passenger rail to health care expansion to broadband, losing billions of dollars for our state and resulting in unnecessary suffering. 

Despite Republicans’ constant roadblocks, Democrats have made real progress on fixing our roads. Since Gov. Evers took office, repairs have been made to more than 1,250 bridges and over 1,700 miles of highway — approximately the distance from Madison to Las Vegas. Today, Wisconsin’s roads are now ranked 8th in the nation, making our state a better place to live and work — and the best is yet to come.

President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will build on Governor Evers’ accomplishments and dedicate billions of federal funds to rebuilding Wisconsin’s aging infrastructure. By investing in our roads and bridges, delivering affordable internet to every neighborhood across the state, and ensuring clean drinking water is a right in every Wisconsin home, Democrats are building back better — despite every Wisconsin Republican in Congress voting against this critical legislation. 

“We’d like to take a moment to acknowledge Wisconsin Republicans, and especially Rebecca Kleefisch and Scott Walker, for their role in National Pothole Day,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Rapid Response Director Julia Hamelburg. “The Republican Party’s constant and intentional failure to do their jobs and fix our roads resulted in countless potholes, outdated bridges, and other infrastructure problems that Wisconsin is still recovering from. Thanks to President Biden’s and Governor Evers’ historic investments in our infrastructure over the last few years, thousands of miles of roads have been repaired, and someday soon, National Pothole Day will cease to exist.”

 Weekly News From Your Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair 

Dear friends across Wisconsin, 

The battle has been joined—on all fronts.  

Ron Johnson has announced his bid for re-election. 

Rebecca Kleefisch, Ron Johnson, and right-wing dark-money groups are already running TV ads in Wisconsin.  

On Thursday night, a Waukesha judge ruled for a right-wing group and decided that absentee ballot drop boxes are illegal (an outrageous decision that will be appealed to higher court).

 Steve Bannon has been ranting on his radio show about the need for pro-insurrection MAGA militants to take over local offices from school board to city council—and the far right is running these positions in droves.  

We have a fight on our hands. Many fights. The good news? We’re ready. 

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin roared into this year with a larger, more robust operation than we’ve ever had at the start of an election year—and that includes 2020. We’re organizing in every corner of our state. Our digital and communications teams are running circles around the GOP’s. We’re taking absolutely nothing for granted, and we’re fired up. The work we’re going to do to win local offices in the next three months, before the April election, will play a critical role in preparing us to reelect Governor Evers and beat Ron Johnson in the fall, and will prevent the GOP from subverting election administration in communities throughout our state.  

This week, I spoke to Ezra Klein at the New York Times about the importance of local elections to save democracy. As I said to him for that column:  

“If you want to fight for the future of American democracy, you shouldn’t spend all day talking about the future of American democracy,” Wikler said. “These local races that determine the mechanics of American democracy are the ventilation shaft in the Republican death star. These races get zero national attention. They hardly get local attention. Turnout is often lower than 20 percent. That means people who actually engage have a superpower. You, as a single dedicated volunteer, might be able to call and knock on the doors of enough voters to win a local election.”

If you’re reading this right now, I know that you personally are one such dedicated volunteer. And that means you, in fact, have that superpower. It’s time to use it. 

 This year, let’s rise up and make history.

 In solidarity, 




Self-Serving Ron Johnson Breaks His Promise, Announces Run For Another Term 

This week, Ron Johnson announced his run for a third term, breaking his promise to the people of Wisconsin to serve just two terms and go home. Johnson’s decision plays into his own self-serving agenda, one that directly benefits himself and his billionaire donors — not the Wisconsinites he represents. 

 Johnson’s big announcement comes as he is facing tough questions about “backroom dealing” during the drafting of the 2017 Trump tax bill that resulted in changes that personally benefited his own business and handed tax breaks of more than $200 million in a single year to two of his biggest donors. 

 Rather than working to support and protect Wisconsinites, Johnson has made a political career of voting against bills that would benefit our state — voting against COVID-19 unemployment benefits, stimulus checks, the American Rescue Plan and the Affordable Care Act. He was one of eight Republicans to vote against the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, and was one of just six Senators to vote against bipartisan legislation to end surprise medical billing.

For all of his constant and highly publicized lying, conspiracy-mongering, and misinformation, his self-dealing is the true political Kryptonite—a disqualifying record of betrayals of everyone, left, right, and center; rural, suburban, and urban; white, black and brown. 

 Time and again, Ron Johnson has demonstrated he would rather play partisan games than actually get work done that would support his home state. And while we know he is a weak incumbent, we also know beating him won’t be easy – we’ve seen him squeak by with come-from-behind wins in 2010 and 2016. That’s why we’ll need everyone’s help in the weeks ahead as we work to defeat Ron Johnson and send a strong, values-driven Democrat to Washington. It’s our job to ensure that every Wisconsinite knows the truth about who Ron Johnson serves. It’s not the public. 

 In fact, we’re already in action to do exactly that. This week, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee launched TV ads statewide about Johnson’s tax heist (watch and amplify here!); we’ve putting up billboards (see below)—and we kicked off a “Self-Serving Johnson Tour” that will reach every corner of our state.

New Ad: Rebecca Kleefisch’s Violent Rhetoric and the Legacy of 1/6 

Radical Rebecca Kleefisch has called for building an “army” of “paid fighters” and “mercenaries,” as well as asking supporters if they were ready to have their “knives out.” Violent language only leads to violence — just look at the January 6th insurrection. This past week, WisDems launched a TV ad against Kleefisch’s violent, divisive rhetoric.

 Kleefisch’s radical agenda for our state will only escalate the deep divisions in our country. She has vowed to sign extreme changes to our election laws, and hasn’t ruled out allowing the state legislature to overturn election results, should the GOP not like the outcome of the 2024 election. Radical Rebecca is hinting that she would be on board with a coup, as long as it benefits her political party.

 The ad comes on the heels of Kleefisch’s first TV buy of the cycle – a misleading attempt to smear Gov. Evers on education –  and more than doubles the measly amount sources say her campaign spent.

 It’s clear: Rebecca Kleefisch is too radical and divisive for Wisconsin. View and share the ad on  Twitter. 

Billboards Across the State on Ron Johnson, Taxes, and the 1% 

With Ron Johnson’s promise-breaking announcement that he would run for a third term, WisDems have placed billboards across Wisconsin, slamming him for failing to pay his fair share in taxes. 

The billboards target that despite paying almost nothing in state taxes in 2017, Johnson believes the wealthiest 1%, like him, already pay their fair share. 

The billboards can be found in Oshkosh – Ron Johnson’s hometown – as well as in Milwaukee, Kenosha, Eau Claire, Baraboo and Beloit. These billboards are just one of the many ways we’re working to hold Ron Johnson accountable for his corrupt, self-serving agenda ahead of this year’s crucial election.


Governor Evers Sets Fundraising Record, Tripling Radical Rebecca Kleefisch’s Numbers 

Earlier this week, Radical Rebecca Kleefisch announced she had raised $3.3 million in her governor campaign. A few hours later, Governor Evers blew that number out of the waters — announcing an additional $5 million in the second half of 2021.  

That brings his total amount raised to over $10 million — the most any governor has ever raised in the year before an election in Wisconsin history! This is twice as much as what Scott Walker had on-hand at this point in both 2015 and in 2018.

 This record breaking number reflects, and wouldn’t be possible, without Governor Evers’ grassroots support from all 72 counties across Wisconsin.

 Radical Rebecca has only raised a third of Evers’ donations, refused to announce how much she has left on hand and has failed to deter her potential primary opponents from their commitment to entering the race. Hedge fund mogul and far-right would-be Republican politician  Eric Hovde was reportedly “nonplussed” and “unfazed” by Kleefisch’s numbers, as he threatened to spend millions of his own money on the race.

 Kleefisch has a long, expensive road ahead of her, but the support for Govenor Evers is, quite literally, record breaking. 

 President Biden Defending Voting Rights 

This past week, President Biden emphatically advocated for the Senate to pass the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act — two key pieces of legislation that aim to protect American’s right to vote. 

Within the past year, 19 states have enacted laws attacking voting rights — not proposed, but actually enacted. Trump and his followers have set a dangerous precedent of trying to discredit and overturn elections that don’t go their way. 

 In Wisconsin we’ve seen this up close thanks to multiple, bad-faith “investigations” into the 2020 election and continued promises of “reforms” that would only make it harder to vote and give Republican politicians more control over how our elections are run..

 In a statement, Governor Tony Evers said, “By defending voting rights at the federal level, President Biden and Vice President Harris are reaffirming the values that define America. It’s time for every member of Congress to join in this commitment and pass federal legislation that protects voting rights."

 We’re proud that President Biden and Vice President Harris are working to ensure all Americans are able to vote freely and without fear of interference.