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 How the Biden Agenda Delivered for Wisconsin This Week

MADISON, Wis. — When President Biden introduced the American Rescue Plan, he promised to provide the resources for Wisconsin to build back better from the COVID-19 pandemic. Since his first day in the Oval Office, President Biden has continued to follow through on that promise by ensuring that Wisconsin has billions of dollars to invest in the communities still recovering from the pandemic — federal funding that Gov. Evers is using to fund bold solutions and deliver critical relief to small business owners, parents, communities, and mental health facilities.

Read how Democrats delivered for Wisconsin this week: 

Rep. Gwen Moore: These Child Tax Credit payments are fighting poverty in a big way, which will help level the playing field for the most vulnerable. We should make this support permanent to families.

Governor Tony Evers: BREAKING: We’re investing $25 million in #AmericanRescuePlan funds into local transit programs. Ensuring our economic recovery continues means making long-term investments into our communities and our state’s infrastructure.

Scott Bauer: Wisconsin @GovEvers state party chairman @benwikler and other Democrats gather across the street from the Wisconsin state Capitol to tout @POTUS child tax credit, other tax cuts, infrastructure bill as part of @DNC bus tourPresident Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan.” 

Milwaukee Independent: Wisconsin to Allocate More Federal Funding to Address Mental Health and Behavioral Healthcare Needs 

“With this support from the federal government, we have an opportunity to bring about significant change and make a difference for Wisconsin residents who are struggling,” said DHS Secretary-designee Karen Timberlake.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Gov. Tony Evers provides $25 million to Milwaukee, Madison transit systems after lawmakers cut their state funding

“Democratic Gov. Tony Evers announced Monday he is giving an additional $25 million in federal funding to the state’s two largest transit systems after Republican lawmakers this summer sought to limit how much their budgets would grow. 

Evers is providing Milwaukee County with $19.7 million and Madison with $5.2 million. Evers is using federal funds provided under the American Rescue Plan that Congress passed this year.“

Wisconsin Public Radio: Children’s Mental Health Gets Millions In Funding From The Biden Administration

“As students head back into another pandemic school year, the Biden administration has announced nearly $85 million in funding for mental health awareness, training, and treatment.”

Courier Newsroom: Wisconsin Families Seeing Benefits Two Months Into Child Tax Credit Expansion

“Because of the scarcity and high cost of quality child care, which the pandemic exacerbated, families have had to make some tough decisions. Due to lower pay or gender roles, the result has been more mothers leaving the workplace.  

“Fortunately for the Stanleys, who live in Eau Claire, and millions of families across the country, they recently started receiving an extra $600 each month thanks to the expanded federal child tax credit approved by Congress earlier this year as part of the American Rescue Plan.”

Wisconsin State Journal: UW-Madison clears nearly $2 million in student bills using COVID-19 relief money

“UW-Madison became the latest college in Wisconsin leveraging federal COVID-19 relief money to erase debt owed to the university, a move that will help students who financially struggled during the pandemic.

“It’s one part of a broader plan laying out how the $53.4 million UW-Madison received through the American Rescue Plan Act will be spent. The university said Thursday that it is distributing half of that money to students, tapping $1.9 million of its own share to discharge some debt and using the rest to offset pandemic-related institutional expenses, such as running COVID-19 testing sites on campus.”


Weekly News From Your Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair

Dear friends across Wisconsin,


Monday is Labor Day—which makes it a great moment to celebrate the labor movement.


It’s often said that the labor movement built the middle class. And it’s true. But what’s less often noted is that the labor movement has been at the heart of the fight for democracy in our country.


It’s in no small part for this reason that democracy’s foes have always sought to dismantle the organized power of working people.


The vision of self-government laid out in our founding documents has always been under attack by the twin, interlinked threats of plutocracy and white supremacy. Unions have been at the forefront of fighting back against both. 


Workers, united, demanding their rights has been the critical counterweight to the money power in our nation. From the barons of the massive trusts of the Gilded Era to billionaire monopolists today, those guarding the power of concentrated wealth have always faced their greatest challenge when working people come together to demand an economy that works for all. 


And support from key parts of the labor movement has always been a key pillar of the battle for racial justice. The labor movement, like every American movement and institution, has faced its own reckonings with racism, but make no mistake—from the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters a century ago through to the present day, the story of American unions has been deeply intertwined with the fight to make America a multiracial democracy where everyone, regardless of skin color, is accorded their rights. 


Today, thanks profoundly to the work of unions and their allies, we have the most pro-worker president and governor in a generation. We’re working to advance pro-worker policies, despite entrenched Republican opposition, from the PRO Act and the bipartisan infrastructure bill to pro-organizing measures that Governor Evers has included in each state budget. And we’re proud to stand arm in arm with our friends in the labor movement in organizing drives across our state and in our nation.  


This Labor Day, take a moment to thank the folks who brought you the weekend—and the folks organizing and fighting every day to make sure that America is a democracy. Here’s to the labor movement!


Solidarity forever, 





DNC’s Build Back Better Bus Tour in Madison!

On Monday, the Democratic National Committee’s “Build Back Better” bus tour made a stop in Madison with Governor Tony Evers, DNC Secretary Jason Rae, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler, and Wisconsin business owner and farmer Tina Hinchley. During the stop, the speakers highlighted how President Biden and Democrats are delivering for the American people with the creation of more than four million jobs, tax cuts for middle-class families, and lower health care costs.


Chair Wikler shared how President Biden’s leadership in Washington has benefitted families across Wisconsin. From day one, President Biden has shown us the importance of having a competent leader in the White House—something that was sorely missed over the last four years. His leadership has put money in pockets and shots in arms, helped millions of Americans get back to work, and has delivered on the priorities that are important to Wisconsinites.


At the backbone of the Democratic Party is a commitment to supporting working families. It was an honor to share the stage with Democratic leaders who understand just how important it is to value real people over large corporations.


Governor Evers spoke on this saying, “The child tax credit policy is great because it’s all about our kids. There are no wealthy tax cuts or corporate giveaways involved, only tangible economic benefits being received by hardworking families.” 


We also heard about the significance of the expanded middle-class tax cut from DNC Secretary Jason Rae. He noted that in the state of Wisconsin, the tax cut is projected to lift nearly 50,000 kids out of poverty. Lifting kids out of poverty should not be a partisan issue -- yet somehow Wisconsin Republicans in Congress voted against it. 


Over the past year, we’ve seen how incredibly resilient Wisconsinites can be. We heard from one of them at this event. Tina Hinchley is a dairy farmer and health care advocate who represents the very best of Wisconsin business owners. She called on Republicans in Congress to put partisan politics aside and actually work for their constituents. “The bottom line: While Republicans try to obstruct progress on issues that Americans care about, Democrats are delivering,” she said.

U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Block Dangerous Texas Abortion Ban

This week, the nation’s strictest abortion law went into effect in Texas after the Supreme Court refused to block it. The law, S.B. 8, bans abortion at six weeks -- before most people even know they are pregnant.


In effect, this law makes it nearly impossible to access safe, legal abortion care in Texas. Not only does this law ban abortion, it turns citizens into bounty hunters by promising $10,000 to any vigilante who files a successful lawsuit against someone they think is breaking the law. This is wildly out of step with public opinion in the nation -- whether you’re in Texas or Wisconsin. 


An extremist, partisan group of activists on the Supreme Court has put total strangers in charge of some of the most personal health decisions families face. Abortion is health care. Laws like the Texas ban insert judges and politics into deeply personal health decisions and harm those seeking care. 


Wisconsin has seen an onslaught in restrictive abortion laws in recent years that continue to erode access for people across the state. Though abortion remains safe and legal in our state, laws and judicial rulings like these show just how tenuous access to this essential care is. Laws like S.B. 8 have a disproportionate impact on people who already struggle to access health care -- including Black, Latino and Indigenous people, those with low incomes, and people in rural areas. Everyone -- regardless of race, income, insurance status, or zip code -- deserves access to health care. We stand in solidarity with Texans and everyone seeking reproductive health care.

Mere hours after releasing a policy “manifesto” from her “nonprofit” the 1848 Project, journalists dug up filings showing that Rebecca Kleefisch filed paperwork to run for governor in 2022.


If there was any doubt left about her intentions, Kleefisch made it clear this week that she’s running for governor, and she’s been using the 1848 Project to hide her donors, abuse the tax code, and avoid the scrutiny that comes from being an announced candidate. This shameless behavior led to an IRS complaint against the 1848 Project earlier this year.


Rebecca Kleefisch has a campaign platform, a campaign committee masquerading as a nonprofit, and the paperwork filed to be an actual candidate - the only thing missing is her actual announcement. She is bending over backwards to avoid announcing her candidacy because she knows her far-right agenda won’t stand up to scrutiny. Wisconsinites deserve better. That’s why Governor Evers has been working hard to clean up the mess left behind by the Walker-Kleefisch administration.


As we head into Labor Day 2021, public support for unions continues to rise across our country with new polling from Gallup finding the union approval rating at 68%, the highest mark since 1965. The union approval rating among Americans age 18-34 is even higher at a whopping 77%.

This new polling data should send a clear message to Congress that union jobs are the backbone of rebuilding a fair and equal economy. It is time for Congress to respond to public opinion and the will of the people by passing the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act in the Senate. Let’s update our labor law to help make the American Dream a reality for millions of more workers by building back better together with strong unions.

This weekend, we mark our second Labor Day in the COVID era, and we should take a moment to think about the challenges workers have faced over the last 18 months and the heroic efforts working people have put in to deliver for our communities throughout the pandemic. Union members have served our communities since day one of the pandemic and working people are finally been recognized as the essential backbone of our economy that we have always been. More and more workers are turning to unions for dignity and respect on the job.

Labor Day is a time to celebrate and honor working people and all we do to keep our communities thriving. 

As we pause to honor the achievements of America’s workers and our labor movement -- from safe workplaces to the eight-hour day, workers’ compensation, and time off to spend with family -- we stand together in solidarity to continue to call for advancements in the workplace with strong union rights including strong protections from infectious disease spread in the workplace.

This Labor Day, as you relax with a union-made brat or beer, take time to think about how you can get more involved with your local union or, if you don’t have a union at work, how organizing a union in your workplace can benefit you and your co-workers.

Together, in union, we can create a thriving economy that supports working people and our families.

In Solidarity,

Stephanie Bloomingdale, President

Dennis Delie, Secretary-Treasure