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Wisconsin Parents Thank President Biden for “Peace of Mind” Middle-Class Tax Cuts Provide, Condemn Ron Johnson for Voting Against Working Families

Madison, Wis. — Earlier today, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler hosted a roundtable with other Wisconsin parents to discuss how President Biden’s middle-class tax cuts have been transformational for working families in the state, no thanks to Ron Johnson, who opposed the legislation.

The parents highlighted how Democrats’ expanded Child Tax Credit — which pumped $328 million into Wisconsin’s economy and $262 million into families’ pockets — is already providing critical relief to the families of over one million Wisconsin children. They also condemned GOP Senator Ron Johnson for voting against this critical tax relief for his constituents, despite having previously voted in favor of the 2017 GOP tax scam, which he amended to benefit his two biggest donors and himself.

Here’s what these Wisconsin parents had to say about how President Biden has delivered for working families:

  • Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler credited President Biden and Democrats in Congress for delivering the American Rescue Plan for Wisconsin’s working families: 
    • Wikler also rebuked Sen. Johnson for continuing to put wealthy donors and corporations over Wisconsin’s working families by blocking President Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda: “Ron Johnson knows how to scratch his own back and billionaires’ backs, but he turns his back on Wisconsin’s children and Wisconsin’s families.”
  • Terry Lee, father of three from Green Bay, spoke about the “peace of mind” that President Biden’s tax cuts for working families have brought his family knowing they can pay for groceries, their daughter’s medical expenses, and other unexpected costs. 
    • He also blasted Sen. Johnson for voting against the family tax cut while dealing a massive tax handout to his two biggest political donors, saying: “It really just showed me that he’s not right for Wisconsin…It slapped me in the face how much he’s not in it for us and working families in Wisconsin. He only cares about himself and his big, rich donors.”
  • Amber Okray, a mother of two from Neenah, highlighted how her family is “more secure in their funds” thanks to President Biden and that his middle-class tax cuts will help her family pay for school supplies, daycare, and extracurricular activities.