Iron County Progressive


We are excited to announce that union-endorsed candidate Dr. Jill Underly has been elected as our next statewide Superintendent of Public Instruction!

Union members got to work around the state in support of our endorsed candidates including Dr. Underly, joining virtual phone banks to have vital one-on-one conversations to educate on the issues and turn out the vote for those who will support working people.

Wisconsin AFL-CIO endorsed candidates won a variety of races and union members were elected to office around the state.

At every level of government, our leaders must prioritize the rights and well-being of working people so we can bounce back better and create an economy that works for all of us.

Dr. Jill Underly will lead our public schools out of the pandemic with a focus on equality and a strong, fully-funded public education system that supports every child, every day.

Congratulations to Dr. Underly and all Wisconsin AFL-CIO endorsed candidates who won election tonight.

In Solidarity,

Stephanie Bloomingdale, President

Dennis Delie, Secretary-Treasurer