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Dear fellow Wisconsin Democrats, 

39 days until polls close. The election is here. Have you voted yet? 

If you have—or as soon as you do—post on Facebook and Twitter about it and ask everyone you know to do the same! This Tuesday, Madison State Rep. Shelia Stubbs and I celebrated National Voter Registration Day by dropping off our absentee ballots at the Madison clerk's office. You can see the video here. Let's seize every moment between now and 8pm on November 3rd. 

Why is this so important? Because more than a million Wisconsinites already have absentee ballots—and whenever our great candidates do something wonderful or the GOP does something awful, we can help folks cast their ballots right away. 

The Republicans certainly are giving us plenty of opportunities. In 2020, Republicans are not only refusing to wear literal masks—they also keep taking off the figurative masks that conceal their repellent agenda. 

  • Just this week, Ron Johnson came out in favor of outsourcing. He thinks manufacturing should happen overseas, not here at home. 
  • Trump made clear that he's so afraid of actual voters that he wants to scam his way through the election. Let's make his worst fears come through—we have the power to beat him in a landslide. 
  • And speaking of masks... Governor Evers extended the indoor mask order through November 21. Masks keep us safe. But the GOP, predictably, went berserk with attacks.

Jobs. Democracy. And ending the pandemic. Oh, and protecting our health care. That's a clear and wildly popular agenda that Democrats are going to run all the way to victory. 

One week ago, with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's passing, we lost a giant in the fight for justice.
We fight for her legacy now—including by stopping an outrageous GOP rush to jam a Supreme Court justice in time to strike down the Affordable Care Act. And we'll keep fighting, with our votes and our voices, for justice for all. 

In solidarity, 


PS: Did you miss the amazing Princess Bride reunion? Or just wish you could see it again? Either way, good news: we've now posted the video online! Chip in any amount to see it here:



FIGHT on the Issues & FIGHT to Win


Biden Backs Wisconsin Workers: A Visit to Manitowoc


We were excited to welcome Joe Biden to Manitowoc, Wisconsin on Monday where he talked to workers about the struggles they are facing amidst Trump’s failed COVID-19 response. Biden visited with union workers at the Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry, an industry that has struggled under the cruel chaos of Trump’s trade wars and inability to contain the virus. Biden highlighted Trump’s weak and negligent leadership in handling the pandemic that has been spiking across Wisconsin for weeks now saying, “Trump panicked. The virus was too big for him… I worry we’re risking becoming numb to the toll it has taken on us and our country and communities like this. We can’t let that happen. We can’t lose the ability to feel the sorrow and the loss and the anger for so many lives lost."

Understanding what families across Wisconsin have faced under this administration, Biden shared in their pain saying, “I know many of you were frustrated, you’re angry. You believed you weren’t being seen, respected or heard. I get it. It has to change. And I promise you this: It will change with me. You will be seen, heard and respected by me."
For working families in the Badger state, voting for Biden and Harris this fall means not only containing the virus, but investing in Wisconsin manufacturing, creating jobs, strengthening unions, and building back our state even stronger than it was before.



Trump Campaign Continues to Put Their Failures in the Spotlight


Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo came to Wisconsin this week to spread disinformation, but our Democratic leaders had none of it. Congressman Pocan and Senator Tammy Baldwin called out the administration for abandoning Wisconsin for the last four years and continuing to drag us through a pandemic that has only gotten worse because of the Trump administration’s mismanagement.

Pompeo politicized his office by giving a speech in the Wisconsin State Capitol at the request of the Wisconsin GOP. Congressman Pocan called out Pompeo and Trump for four years of China policy that has devastated Wisconsinites across the state, from farmers to manufacturers. He underlined this saying, “The fact is Trump’s foreign policy, particularly with China, has been a disaster for Wisconsinites… All of these disastrous policies have been supported and pushed for by Mike Pompeo. He has weaponized his office into a campaign prop. He has enabled and supported the failed Trump agenda when it comes to China, and Wisconsinites are paying the price… At a time of crisis, our state is hungry for leadership in the White House that will help us build back better and ensure working people get a fair shake. That is why this November, we will vote out Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo and elect Joe Biden as our next president.”

Then, on Thursday, Pence headed to Eau Claire to pretend that working families and Wisconsin industries are not suffering due to his and Trump’s total negligence. In response to the visit, Senator Tammy Baldwin highlighted the administration’s atrocious handling of the pandemic and the fact that they’ve made it even worse by trying to tear apart the Affordable Care Act while Wisconsinites are suffering from a public health crisis of Trump’s own making. Emphasizing the cruel policy as Wisconsin’s COVID-19 cases continue to spike, Sen. Baldwin said, “COVID-19 is a pre-existing condition… If Donald Trump and Mike Pence get their way, these people, and the tens of millions of others across the country with pre-existing conditions, could lose their care." Our leaders know that Wisconsinites are demanding a president who can rise to this moment and have the steady leadership to fight the pandemic. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are those leaders.



Remembering a Giant: Wisconsin Democrats Celebrate Ruth Bader Ginsburg


This week, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg tragically passed away leaving behind a legacy of championing democracy, justice, and equality under the law. DPW Chair Ben Wikler reflected on her enormous place in history saying, “Justice Ginsburg was a shining light of American democracy and justice, a relentless champion of equality and the rule of law, and a bold and relentless voice for progress and for the Constitution, whose life’s work made America reach further towards its founding ideals. All of us with the privilege of living in the America she built can cherish her legacy by fighting for her ideals and by honoring Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s dying wish."

Democratic leaders across the state paid tribute to her passing. Sen. Tammy Baldwin said, “Ruth Bader Ginsburg lived an inspiring and historic life, and her work has shaped America for the better. As a woman, I join so many others who will not allow her legacy to be diminished or disrespected.” Congresswoman Gwen Moore similarly tweeted, “I am incredibly saddened to learn of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's passing. She was a fearless champion for women who exemplified strength, courage, and toughness. Her lifelong fight to secure equality for women has inspired new generations and her legacy will be cherished in the hearts of so many. She will always be forever notorious! May her memory be a blessing.” No one can doubt her impact on this nation, and DPW is committed to fighting to make sure that her memory may be a revolution in this country.



We’re Re-electing Ron Kind to Fight for Western Wisconsinites


Yesterday we learned that the GOP is pouring $2 million in dark money to defeat Ron Kind in Wisconsin’s swingiest Congressional district. Republicans know Trump will lose Wisconsin if Congressman Kind wins. Wisconsin’s 3rd District is a GOP-gerrymandered masterpiece that covers western and central Wisconsin, and is ground zero for the fight for health care that is on the ballot this fall. The GOP is jumping at the opportunity to tear up the Affordable Care Act, and they know that Ron Kind will protect & expand care, not take it away. Meanwhile, the GOP’s Derrick Van Orden moved to the district just a year ago and has made it crystal clear that he would vote to strike down protections for people with pre-existing conditions. 

Ron Kind also understands Wisconsin’s economy and how to build it back stronger than before. This week, Ron Kind and Dr. Jill Biden met virtually to talk about rebuilding Western Wisconsin's economy, and it is more clear than ever, Ron is the fighter that we need in congress. DPW is partnered with Ron Kind’s campaign and is organizing and raising money to send him back to congress so that we can protect health care for millions of Wisconsinites and ensure that the GOP cannot implement their anti-science and anti-choice agenda. Join the fight HERE.



Brad Pfaff is Running to Save Our Health Care and Our Economy


Brad Pfaff is one of our foremost Wisconsin leaders and we are so excited to support his run for Wisconsin’s 32nd Senate District, where he is committed to fighting to protect health care for millions of Wisconsinites, and to fight for Wisconsin’s industries that the GOP has left behind. Pfaff’s opponent is Republican Dan Kapanke who is committed to eliminating protections for pre-existing conditions and increasing health care costs. If Trump and Kapanke had their way, 2.5 million Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions could lose their health coverage. Brad Pfaff won’t let that happen. He also understands the assault that Trump and the Republicans leadership has carried out on Wisconsin’s agricultural industry and is ready to fight to ensure that the backbone of Wisconsin’s economy is stronger than ever. Brad put it best in an interview saying, “We need a change in the Wisconsin Legislature, we have to lead with what I call ‘western Wisconsin basic values.’ We need to pull together, help each other, not tear each other down.”

We cannot wait to help send Brad to Madison to fight for all of us here in Wisconsin! Learn more about him HERE and click the image below to watch a video all about what he is fighting for!






Sen. LaTonya Johnson Highlights Disproportionate COVID-19 Death Toll on Black, Latinx, and Indigenous Young People


A recent study from the CDC found this week that when young people die of COVID-19, they are overwhelmingly people of color. This is another painful reminder of the systemic violence that Black, Latinx, and indigenous Wisconsinites have to face every day in myriad ways. As our leaders find solutions for this virus, it is vitally important that we take into account the horrifying disparities that exist in our society that allow these deaths to persist at such high rates. Responding to this study, State Sen. LaTonya Johnson said, “If people wonder why I take COVID-19 so seriously, it's because the families in my community are the ones paying the price for our failures.” We have to not only defeat this virus, but do so in solidarity with the most marginalized communities that are suffering the most acutely.



Tricia Zunker and Ben Wikler visit Marathon County Dems


7th Congressional District candidate Tricia Zunker and Chair Wikler spoke at the September Marathon County Democratic Party meeting on Thursday, which was also attended by Mayor Katie Rosenberg, County Supervisor Ka Lo, and dozens of other activists, leaders, and local elected officials. The Marathon Dems—and so many other county parties, in rural, suburban, and urban Wisconsin alike—are fired up for election season!



EMPOWER the Grassroots


Students: Get Your Voting Questions Answered!


Check out our Student Voting Guide and prepare to vote this weekend! We have made a resource for college students in Wisconsin to make it easier to register at your school address. Young voters are going to be absolutely essential to winning this fall, so find our guide HERE and get started today!



Weekend of Action!


North Milwaukee Regional Organizing Director Jarae Hines and Chair Wikler took Twitter by storm with a live conversation about volunteering in the coming Weekend of Action! It is more important than ever that we start hitting the phones to fight for the White House. Sign up HERE or click below to be a part of our vital organizing team that is fighting for the soul of the country and is going to win this November!






The clock is ticking and this election is coming! Trump and the GOP have made it clear that they will do anything to win, even if it means attacking the bedrock of our democracy-- our right to vote. That is why we need YOUR help, because you can make a HUGE difference in ensuring that every vote counts this November. Watch our chair’s video below and sign up HERE to save our vote-- no experience required!



Monitor pro-Trump Campaign Ads!


This election season is going to be the digital fight of our lives, and we need your help! Our allies over at Campaign Detective have put together a tool that will allow volunteers to submit political media that they are seeing for compilation and review by political professionals. This is an easy way for anyone to submit reports as they see them and contribute to taking down the Trump campaign’s target ad mission! Read more HERE!



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