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What a convention!

What a presidential nominee. What a vice presidential nominee. What a duo—and what a clear message, about
decency and democracy, delivered in an entirely new way over four amazing days.

Trump's failure to address COVID meant a massive change in the plan for the Democratic National Convention. There's no sugarcoating how tough this has been. And at a time when Trump has driven the economy over a cliff, an economic stimulus would've been invaluable.

And at the same time, with this convention, the medium was the message.
Joe Biden's first mission is to bring this virus under control so that we can save lives, revive the economy, and get kids back to school. Biden's health advisers said that a virtual convention without travel was the safest option—so that's exactly what the Democration National Convention team did. This wasn't the in-person celebration of Milwaukee and Wisconsin that we'd planned and hoped for. Instead, it was something unique in history. And I was so proud to see Wisconsin voices each night—those of Rep. Gwen Moore, Mayor Tom Barrett, Lt Gov Mandela Barnes, Gov Tony Evers, and Sen. Tammy Baldwin. Great work, all!

Meanwhile, Trump traipses around the country holding in-person events, sometimes leaving, as in Tulsa, a spike in COVID infections in his wake.

This spring, the pandemic changed everything about how we campaigned.
We won anyway. This summer, the pandemic transformed the convention. Nevertheless, we persisted. And this fall, using the newest techniques informed by the oldest and most profound values we hold dear, we're going to win once again.

Thanks for all that you're doing to turn Wisconsin blue,

Key Leaders from Across the Country Join DPW for Virtual Breakfast and Special Events this Week
All week some of the most important Democrats in the country joined DPW to talk about the stakes of the election and how vital Wisconsin is to winning in November. Between Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi, Tony Evers, Tammy Baldwin, Gwen Moore, and so many others, it is clear that the party is not only united behind Biden and Harris’ historic candidacy, but they understand how central the Badger state is to our success. As former Attorney General Eric Holder put it, “The fate of the United States, the fate of the Western World is on your shoulders, not too much pressure. If Joe Biden carries Wisconsin it will be incredibly difficult for Trump to win reelection.”

The road to the White House goes right through Wisconsin. We are so excited to have the country behind us and cannot wait to put Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the White House. And Wisconsin's delegates received a special visit from none other than Vice President Joe Biden, who told us that he intends to travel to Wisconsin when his health experts clear him to make the trip. We look forward to it, Mr. Vice President!
Wisconsinites and Democratic Leaders Slam Trump and Pence for Visit Amid Pandemic
Trump and Pence visited Wisconsin this week, touting their broken economy and putting our communities in danger by holding in person events. Leaders from all sectors of the economy spoke out to condemn the visit and the last four years of economic turmoil that the Trump administration has sewn. Trump and Pence’s economic policy has led to disaster and ruin in Wisconsin, with countless farms closing, manufacturing being shipped overseas, and working families being left behind. Now, COVID-19 has put a spotlight on the administration’s callous disregard for working people, and Wisconsinites are bearing the burden of their failed response. Wisconsinites are tired of broken promises from the Trump administration and are exhausted by the political games that Trump continues to play with our lives.

As Senator Baldwin said this week, “Our economy is hurting, our state is hurting, we’re tired of the photo-ops. We need leadership. We deserve more. We deserve a president that actually cares, and we’re going to get that when we elect Joe Biden as president and Kamala Harris as vice president.”
Wisconsin Women support Biden
At a "Wisconsin Women for Biden" virtual rally on Wednesday, Sen. Tammy Baldwin and other leaders in Wisconsin emphasized if elected, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will prioritize women’s issues. Since taking office, Trump has gone after women’s health care, tried to remove workplace protections, and has failed to come up with a comprehensive plan that will keep families and their children safe. We need a leader who understands the challenges that women across the country face, especially in the face of the pandemic. Rep. Robyn Vining said, “As women, we feel in our bones the wounds of the 2016 election; as mothers, we feel in our bones the anxiety of juggling work… unaffordable and inaccessible childcare, not knowing how our kids are going to be educated this year.” The Biden and Harris administration will center equity and have a clear plan to make this country a more fair and equal place to live for all Wisconsinites.