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Our state is about to stand on the national—virtual—stage. Our convention demonstrates our values: we're the party that will end this pandemic, save lives, and open the path to safely reopen the economy and send kids back to school.

There have been a million hard choices at every step. But we can be proud that we've risen to them, rather than do what this president has—ignore the problem and hope it goes away. And now, on screens across America, through a first-of-its-kind online event, it's our time to shine.

We now know our next Vice President—an extraordinary leader who, thanks to her stint living here in Wisconsin at age five, let's claim as an honorary Badger for life. We know Joe. And we know that Biden-Harris 2020 can bring this fractured, wounded country together and build back better. Now, we get to launch them on the road to the White House.

Trump is doing everything he can to mangle our democracy. But we're going to fight to save it.

Just look at our primaries this past week. Milwaukee went from five polling places in April to 168. Turnout was up all over the state. Volunteers placed vast numbers of calls to ensure that folks sent in their absentee ballots. And Democrats committed to making change ran for office in communities all over Wisconsin put their names on the ballot, campaigned safely and relentlessly, and—whether they won or lost on Tuesday—made our communities and our party stronger.

That spirit will infuse the convention next week. That spirit will inform all our work through November 3. And that spirit will carry us into the fights to come after—because our struggle is the work of a lifetime.

I'm proud to be a part, with you, of the virtual convention next week, and the transformative work before us.

Let's get to it!




FIGHT on the Issues & FIGHT to Win


Kamala Joins Joe to Fight for Wisconsin!


We could not be more excited about Vice President Joe Biden picking Senator Kamala Harris as his Vice Presidential running mate! Harris is the fighter and leader we need to win this election here in Wisconsin. From her time as Attorney General of California to the United States Senate, she has proven that she'll always stand with working Wisconsinites against the wealthy and well-connected, because that is how she has spent her entire career. Sen. Harris is a historic choice for Vice President, and will be a champion and voice for all of the communities that make the Badger state so strong. Biden and Harris both understand that the road to the White House goes right through Wisconsin, and we cannot wait to put them there this fall.



Join Us at Convention!


The Democratic National Convention is next week and we are so proud of the leadership that the Biden campaign and the party have shown in these unprecedented times. Not only will the virtual convention keep our neighbors and loved ones safe, but it will be rooted in the Wisconsin values that we hold dear. Democratic leaders like Governor Tony Evers, Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes, Senator Tammy Baldwin, and Congresswoman Gwen Moore will all be speaking, along with several Wisconsinites from all walks of life with inspiring stories to tell. This is our chance to show the country what our Wisconsin values really are. Our schedule for the Convention can be found here:





Trump Poses Existential Threat to Social Security-- Wisconsin Seniors Say No


Donald Trump has tripled down on his commitment to slash Social Security and leave thousands of Wisconsin seniors out in the cold in the middle of a pandemic that puts them at heightened risk. Social Security is a vital lifeline for countless Wisconsin families, seniors, people with disabilities, and this threat is part of a long history of Trump and his administration recklessly playing politics with people’s lives.

Wisconsinites are fighting back. State Rep. Amanda Stuck, candidate for Congress in the 8th Congressional District, joined two seniors this week to call out the Administration for attacking the benefit that they depend on. Wisconsin resident Crystal Porter spoke to how essential Social Security is to her wellbeing and said, “We are so excited to know that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be our next president and vice president and I can’t wait for November 3rd to come, to make it so we’re all covered and take care of, so that our president and our vice president are concerned about the American people and are not just tossing us out like garbage, as the Trump Administration is doing.” Seniors are fed up with the Administration and ready for new leadership in the White House.









Incoming Legislature to be the Most Diverse in State History


Our legislature is set to become the most diverse in Wisconsin’s history after the primaries on Tuesday. We are so excited to congratulate Francesca Hong from Madison, who will take office as the first Asian-American state representative, and Samba Baldeh who will likely become the second Black person to represent Dane County. All across the state, races were won that will better reflect our state’s diversity. As Hong put it, “When you have representation and you see people in positions of power representing institutions that impact your life directly, there’s a sense that you belong a little bit more. And what that does is bring power to an individual to participate.” Thank you to everyone who ran and participated in our great democracy, and congratulations to those who won their races.