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Our state Republican Party have declared war on public health, declared war on science, declared war on the law—all as part of their scorched-earth war against Democrats.
They have no plan to control coronavirus. All they seem to know is that they want Governor Evers's plan to fail.

Wednesday night's Supreme Court decision snatched the wheel from Governor Evers just as he was driving the state to safety, and handed it to Robin Vos—who is attempting to drive the state over a cliff.

Last time the GOP lost a major statewide election, Walker, Vos, and Fitzgerald held a lame-duck session and passed a law requiring the legislature to sign off on executive branch rulemakings. Now, the GOP lost a Supreme Court race, and lame-duck Justice Kelly cast the tiebreaking vote to require emergency public health measures to go through that exact rulemaking process, subject to legislative veto.

They're like the supervillain in a movie who sets off the bomb as he falls from the balcony. Except this is real life, and the deaths from coronavirus are tragically, brutally real.

County and municipal authorities are now trying to put together the pieces that the GOP smashed apart. It's on all of us to keep our communities safe, now that the GOP has removed the protections that Governor Evers and his team put in place so carefully.

Meanwhile, we've got a fight on our hands. The GOP is gunning for legislative supermajorities that would allow them to re-gerrymander the maps and maintain undemocratic control for another decade. We've got to stop them.

The stakes have always been impossibly high. But they keep getting higher. The good news is that, as a party, we're in stronger shape than we've ever been. Thousands upon thousands of us are pouring hours, days, and weeks into organizing—finding and turning out voters in every corner of the state. Let's keep ramping it up. No matter how dark they try to make it, we're going to let our light shine, and dawn will come.


FIGHT on the Issues & FIGHT to Win

Results from the WI-07

Tricia Zunker was a powerhouse candidate who ran a brilliantly-executed campaign in a district gerrymandered to lock in Republican victories. She stepped up and fought for a district that went for Trump by 20 points in 2016 by centering the issues that matter most to Northern and Western Wisconsinites. Tricia has proven to be a relentless advocate for Wisconsin’s working people, and her star is only rising. The Democratic Party of Wisconsin is proud and excited to support Tricia when she runs again this fall!

Through her candidacy, Tricia also showed that
Trump’s chances for reelection are looking more and more slim. Despite Trump’s intense personal involvement in support of Tom Tiffany, Tricia was able to shrink the GOP margin of victory in the district by 6 points. For Trump to win in November, red areas have to get redder to balance out blue areas getting bluer—but on Tuesday, Tricia showed that even our reddest Congressional district could swing drastically towards Democrats. Trump’s base is cracking and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin will continue to organize every square inch of Wisconsin over the coming 172 days.

Supreme Court Puts Public Health in Jeopardy

The conservative state Supreme Court struck down Gov. Evers’ latest stay-at-home order this week, putting an unknown number of Wisconsinites in harm’s way. Despite public health experts agreeing that the order is working and that the state isn't ready to return to normal yet, the GOP is once again putting politics over people by trying to remove public health measures designed to keep us safe and healthy.

Republicans have used their conservative justices as political tools to undermine the Governor at every turn. The Supreme Court decision now requires the GOP-run legislature to sign off on any emergency health measures put forth by the Governor’s administration. That means your voice as a constituent is more important than ever! DPW is coordinating a campaign to put pressure on Republicans in the legislature to agree to strong coronavirus protections through the legislative hotline and text with ResistBot.
Help protect Wisconsinites by texting Wisdems to 50409


Tricia Zunker paves the way for more Native Wisconsinites to seek elected office

Through her historic candidacy, Tricia has paved the way for more Native Wisconsinites to seek elected office. Tricia would have been the first Native American to represent Wisconsin in Congress and the first woman to represent the 7th district. She currently serves as president of the Wausau School Board and is a justice on the Ho-Chunk Supreme Court, where she will continue to fight for workers, small businesses, family farms, and the protection of the environment. We look forward to Tricia’s continued leadership in Democratic politics!

Thanks to our aggressive organizing efforts in the WI-07, we also identified thousands of new Democratic voters in Northern Wisconsin.
This race showed the importance of organizing everywhere and fighting for every vote -- some rural Wisconsinites are hearing from the Democratic party for the first time in years. Here at DPW we’re committed to connecting with Wisconsin voters from every part of the state and every walk of life. 

EMPOWER the Grassroots

Thank you to all who supported Tricia Zunker!

A message from Tricia Zunker: “I want to thank you for your support. It has been a deep honor and privilege to run for this seat, and I could not have done it alone. There has been so much support…This has been quite a journey, and we worked really hard. We laid the groundwork for a Democratic win in November.”

DPW is so thankful for our grassroots support and is looking forward to your help in the next fight!