Iron County Progressive



On January 7, 2019, Tony Evers will be sworn into office as Wisconsin’s 46th Governor. Mandela Barnes will be sworn in as Lieutenant Governor. Josh Kaul will be sworn in as Attorney General and Sarah Godlewski will be sworn in as State Treasurer. Congratulations to our newly elected leaders!

Gov. Evers, Lt. Gov. Barnes, AG Kaul, and Treasurer Godlewski, all endorsed by the Wisconsin AFL-CIO, ran on a vision of creating a better Wisconsin for working families. We look forward to working with the Evers Administration to lift up working people by raising wages, restoring worker rights, strengthening our public schools, investing in roads, bridges, and infrastructure, and protecting affordable health care for all.

In 2019, Gov. Evers will get to work rebuilding Wisconsin’s middle class. The best way to strengthen our middle class is to strengthen the voice of working people. Strengthening collective bargaining rights in all sectors levels the playing field for workers and brings balance to our economy.

The activism of working families played a major role in electing new leaders for Wisconsin. Together, we knocked on doors, made phone calls and had thousands of conversations about the need for change in Wisconsin. The backbone and unique advantage of our Labor 2018 campaign is that working people trust our unions. Voters trust unions as a vital source of political information. We earned that trust and built on it, mobilizing our members to the polls.  

Thank you for your work in lifting up the voices of working families in our democracy. Together, we will hold politicians accountable to working people in order to continue the fight for social and economic justice for all people.

In Solidarity,

Stephanie Bloomingdale, President
Dennis Delie, Secretary-Treasurer